John Cena is My Personal Coach for the Next 10 Weeks

John Cena from his 10 Weeks BodyChange program

I am VERY excited to make this announcement – so excited, in fact, that I’m being called out by my friends for a vaguebook update that I did while I was prepping for this post: Post by Joanna Liberty. Here’s my super exciting news… John Cena is going to be my personal coach for the next 10 weeks! You know by now that my family loves wrestling, right? While I’m not always able to watch it live, we do record WWE shows and even attend live shows when they’re in our area. One of my very favorite wrestlers is John […] Click to read more

The Colors of Blue by Lance McCulloch

How the Destruction of His Company Led Lance McCulloch to Write The Colors of Blue

I’ve always believed that each of us has a story to tell. Since high school, I wanted to write a book. However, the subject, genre, and even the story never developed until I closed the door of my office and wrote the first line. This did not occur until I was in my 40’s. Like any story, the author must have some motive to push us over the edge and start writing. Mine arrived in the form of motivation, seeking the way out of a failing technology business and a need to escape all that can go wrong with a small company. In the fall […] Click to read more

All Good April Ambassador

#AllGoodApril with Carrington Farms – Featuring Gluten Free Meatball and Gluten Free Pancake Recipes

Disclosure: I wrote this review as part of the #AllGoodApril campaign with Carrington Farms. I received the products described at no cost in order to complete the review. However, opinions are honest and my own. I’m very happy and excited to announce that I was chosen to be an All Good April ambassador with Carrington Farms! This program is a month-long celebration of all things “good and healthy” led by Carrington Farms. It’s not often that I agree to work with a brand – in fact, I spend more time turning down pitches because I want to make sure that […] Click to read more

skills required for data scientists

Why Data Science is My Favorite Science

I come from an interesting line of ridiculously smart people. My dad can do math in his head that I can’t even solve with paper and pencil. My grandfather has a list of inventions that he created while working at Tokheim. My grandmother is a wonderful combination of hilarious and super smart – my favorite story is the one in which she worked in an office and the boss’ child wouldn’t stop touching a plant that she had on her desk. She replaced the plant with a cactus. Problem solved. But I always wondered where I fit in, what topic […] Click to read more

My Little Champ at Jiu Jitsu

Why We Chose BullyProof at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Fort Wayne

Disclosure: This is not in any way a paid advertisement. I purchased a membership for my son. In fact, neither the local training center nor the Gracie company are aware that I am writing this article. With my first son, we found out at a gestational ultrasound that we were expecting a boy. We were over the moon delighted, because we had a boy name picked out and we really wanted our first child to be a boy. We knew right away that it would be only a matter of years until we would have him taking some type of […] Click to read more

DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes

DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes – Without Toxic Chemicals

Disclosure: I received samples of Wipes Wraps to review as a member of the Boom Team for CleverRelish. My opinions are honest and my own. Over the years, I’ve researched and planned to have a healthier life and home – for the sake of my health, as well as that of my children. One of the most difficult products for me to switch out has been cleaning products. I loved the smell of those nasty VOCs that pollute the air. I also loved wasteful products that you would throw away after using only to grab another and throw it away […] Click to read more

herb sauerkraut with seaweed recipe

Herb Sauerkraut with Seaweed Recipe

I love sauerkraut. No, I take that back. I LOVE sauerkraut. Unfortunately, I live in a house with three fellas who couldn’t care less for the delicious fermented delicacy. No reason to give up hope though, that just means I can make smaller batches and experiment with extra fantastic recipes! On the recommendation of my friend Joe Schurger (who also introduced me to keifer water and teaches yoga… he’s awesome!), I began experimenting with adding seaweed to my sauerkraut. Seaweed is known as a super food, and yet it’s one of those foods that not many of us here in […] Click to read more

Review of Midnight Castle

Review: Midnight Castle Hidden Object Adventure Game

Disclosure: I was invited to download this game ahead of the release date by It is a free-to-play game, and I did not receive any compensation or perks for writing this review. My opinions are my own. Every parent needs some down time. One of my favorite activities during my down time is playing games on my computer. Despite my dad’s firm stance that computers are not for games, somehow along the road I become quite convinced that computers are very useful for games. I enjoy a variety of games, one of which is the hidden object type of […] Click to read more

Where to Buy Organic Non=GMO Seeds

Where to Buy Organic Non-GMO Seeds for Your Garden

Note: None of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliate links. I just honestly love these companies and their products. We’ve had yet another snow storm here in Indiana, and I’m starting to think that I may not even remember how my yard looks without snow on it. Winter this year has been a sparkly white one, that’s for sure. When the calendar changed this weekend, it reminded me how time is always marching on even when it seems like we’re stopped in a snow drift for an interminable amount of days. Eventually, this snow will melt and […] Click to read more

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