4 Free Digital Business Card Solutions to Save the Trees While Growing Your Network

4 Digital Business Cards

With the ShiftCon Conference swiftly approaching, I’ve been checking out packing lists and working on my list of what I will be packing. I haven’t updated my business cards in quite a while – they end up being stuck places and I just can’t bear to hand out so many pieces of paper that are, in all likelyhood, going to be tossed by the recipients. Especially not at an eco/wellness social media conference. So I’ve done some quick research on digital business cards, checking out the options to see what it most likely to be useful. My criteria included being […] Click to read more

CDC Image of Ebola Virus

Ebola Outbreak: History of the Virus

People think about death – some more than others, but it’s a thought that happens. We don’t know how or when we will die, and we don’t know exactly what happens after death. It is natural that we wonder about death. Some people even have ways they think they would prefer to die – for example, a quick death over a long drawn-out illness that culminated in death. One of the worst ways I can think of to die would involve uncontrollable bleeding. From orifices. Like Ebola. I think it’s fairly safe to assume that most people would consider that […] Click to read more

My elevator pitch in word cloud form

My New Elevator Pitch – #31DBBBDay1

I mentioned recently that I am undertaking the ProBlogger 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge this month with a group of my friends who also write blogs. Today is day 1, and the challenge is to write an elevator pitch. I have written an elevator pitch for my blog before, so at first my plan was to just use the same one. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it has been quite a while since I wrote that and my direction as a blogger may have changed since then. Instead of just […] Click to read more

August 2014 #31DBBB Group

August 2014 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Group #31DBB

This post contains an affiliate link. I receive a portion of the sales when you buy the book through my link. Blogging. It is both my favorite and my most dreaded activity. I’ve been blogging since my junior year of high school, which was fourteen years ago, even though the time seems to have flown by. Over the years, I’ve written poetry, short stories, researched articles, post silly pictures, and everything in between. I’ve attempted to make DIY tutorials and recipes that I generally ended up not really liking. I’ve launched and left several websites. In all of it, I’ve […] Click to read more

Pressure canning dry beans

Prepare Dry Beans in Advance by Pressure Canning

I love the economy of dried beans. I love being able to know exactly what ingredients went into my dishes. The only problem is that I am terrible at setting them out ahead of time to rehydrate and cook them in time for the meals at which I’d like to serve them. I just don’t have that kind of organization in my meal preparation! And recently, I discovered that I am not the only one! To work around this known deficiency of mine, I find that it is easier to do all the work for dried beans at one time […] Click to read more

Local Fun with Kids week of May 26

Fun with Kids, Farmers Markets and Races In and Around Auburn – Week of 5/26

It’s time for another list of local activities! We had so much fun researching activities last week, even though it was the last week of school and we didn’t really hit any of the events. This week I even discovered a completely new museum that I had no idea existed near me – the Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum in Elkhart, IN! I’ve also included farmers markets and upcoming races. I will probably break these out into separate posts later on, but since I have them ready now I figured hey – let’s just go ahead and add them! […] Click to read more

Auburn IN events week of May 18

Fun with Kids In & Around Auburn – Week of 5/18

School is almost out for the year, so I’m keeping an eye out for events in my local area to which it would be fun to take the kids. I’m planning to list events once a week. If I’m missing a good one, please let me know! Every Day LEGO Quest/Busy Builders – Every day in May (except May 26) 164 Kelly St. Rome City, IN 46784 Every day in May, the Limberlost Public Library with have LEGOs and Duplos (for the smaller kids) available. Just head in and ask to play. For more info & directions, visit: http://www.kendallvillelibrary.org/ Tuesday […] Click to read more

House stubborn quote

“I’m both annoyed and amused that you think I should be less stubborn than you are”

I’m a stubborn person. So are my children. And this quote runs through my head at LEAST once a day. Click to read more

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