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Have you ever sat down and actively tried to think of a cool username? As some of you know, I use the name liberty4all on twitter. It’s great and all, but I use it in other places too and I run into two problems. The first problem is that someone else also uses liberty4all as a username. This means that I sometimes I have to think of another username, which increases my chances of forgetting it and never logging in again by about 80%. The other problem is that people refer to me by my username. This drives me nuts for this particular name. I don’t know why.

Here are some names I’ve used in the past:

sugrhi27 (my first name on AIM, don’t remember the pwd now)
mysecretelixir (my favorite name on AIM)
edgarwarhol (and variations of)
secretelixir (and variations of)
passionaterain (and variations of)

With all these and more that I cannot recall at present, none have ever felt like one that I could truly embrace. None were ever applicable for every use. For some reason, I decided to go ahead and open usernamecheck from my twitter toolbar. This was a bad idea. I am now obsessed with finding a username that I can have that is completely not taken in any form.

This could take a while. I’ll let you know when it’s finished…

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Joanna is a stay-at-home mother of 2 young boys. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, socializing, and constantly struggles to find new and better ways to manage the home.
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  • Keri and Jason

    I used to float in the same boat. Then one day, I got lucky. My brother was desperate to sign me up for a football pool, of all things. So he created an account with a username of vidasista and signed me up. It’s stuck with me ever since. It’ll come to you someday. One that will stick.

  • Karlana

    I went through a couple myself before settling on one that I felt described me best. I was originally courtjester96, but since I got married, I was no longer a Jester (it is my maiden name, no joke!). So, it has been hawaiianbrat96 ever since.

    I am Hawaiian.
    I can be a brat (nicer to say versus the evil b-word).
    I graduated high school in 96.

    Anyway, happy new year!

  • Diana – FreeStyleMama

    I know where you are at. I was thrilled to come up with freestylemama (I used to design/sell Raver clothing online…and have just kept the name) and it’s never taken!!!

    Happy New Year!

  • Evolving Mommy Catherine

    I am boring and just stick with the same thing most the time. Good luck on your search…hope you find something perfect!

  • Carey

    Good luck with finding an original username! Let us know what you pick. Happy New Year!

  • Bonnie Irving

    I Hear ya! I have had the name Scrubbybubbles on yahoo since ’99 there IS someone else, that has that name( how dare they! that’s MY name!LOL)on AOL, i just had to drop the u off of mine on there. every once in a while i run into that problem.. but i just drop the u off and that generally works for me. some times ( i think once) i couldn’t even use that! but, that’s me! i have been it for 10+ years and i think that it adequately describes my personality! I will have to check into that username check thing. is it on the twitter page?

  • I am Harriet

    I can relate.

    Happy New Year to you.

  • Lin

    I always think I’ve found “it” and then a few days later, I’m thinking it stinks. I think it changes like the wind or what I’m feeling that day. Maybe we just need numerous aliases. I’ll be curious to see what you pick.


    I will be interested to see which you decide on. Mine fits me b/c I am and always will be a wannabee healthnut I think.

  • Veronica Lee

    Happy New Year!

  • Annette Piper

    It IS hard – I haven’t found one yet that no one uses but still ‘fits’ me.

  • Sweetbabs

    I know what you mean about finding a good screen name. I use to be lost and all over the place too. Till the summer of 07 where I was given the nick name Sweetassbabs. I use that and a variations of that all over. Do you have a nick name you could use?

  • Opus #6

    Sometimes your username preference might change because you have changed as a person. I’ll be curious which one you pick now.