My Craziest College Story – Glory Daze
November 16, 2010 review

I think I’m really going to have to disappoint here… College for me wasn’t the awesome, neato time that it was for a lot of other people. To be completely honest with you, I made a lot of really bad decisions in college. Like, for example, my craziest college story, which I am actually going to share with you, although I’m sure I’ll lose cool points with some of my readers for it…

When I was accepted into college, I was sure I was going to be a doctor. A forensic pathologist, specifically. I was so sure that when I was in high school I did an apprenticeship program through my school with a forensic pathologist (yes, complete with morgue work). When I applied to colleges, I decided to apply to a combined college and medical school experience. The entire program takes 6 years, with 2 whole calendar years devoted to college and the rest medical school. It was a tough program to get in, but I was one of 2 students accepted from out-of-state. You would think that would make me really proud and want to do a good job, right? One would think. As a mother, I hope my son would do a good job. But, as the rotten teenager that I was, I didn’t.

In fact, my first day at school was the most memorable. My dad drove me to school, moved my stuff into the dorm, hugged and he was gone (we’d done this before – I went to a residential public high school). The group was small, so meeting others in the same classes was no big deal. I honestly don’t remember much about that first day, but I do remember the first night – the first party. The students in the second year of college in the same program were throwing a party. Of course there was drinking. Somewhere between a Natty Ice (puke) and a straight shot of 151 (really, 18-year old me? Why couldn’t you use your brain cells a little more often?), I asked one of the hosts to make me a mixed drink. Which he did. And named it Cake.

Right, so there the bells warning bells should’ve been going off, right? Not so much. So the party was a super happy fun time, I’m sure (I can’t remember, it must’ve been, right?), but the really crazy part comes the next day. Because like any good college freshmen, I was still drunk when I woke up. Through my first class. You know, Philosophy takes on a whole different meaning when you’re drunk. Ok, so I’m not a very good teller of these stories. My husband, on the other hand, is a fantastic teller of these stories. He truly had some glory days of his own. He’s also really looking forward to seeing the new show tonight on TBS called Glory Daze. Here’s some info on it:

GLORY DAZE follows the fun — and awkward — misadventures of four freshmen as they navigate college life, trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be. Joel (Kelly Blatz) is a typical guy next door who is determined to keep his focus on pre-med, at least until he meets his unattainable dream girl, Christie (Julianna Guill). Eli (Matt Bush) is a virgin who desperately wants to be cool. Jason (Drew Seeley) is a buttoned-downed conservative, attached at the hip to his preppy girlfriend. Brian (Hartley Sawyer) is a star baseball player struggling to get out of his father’s shadow. Together, the guys agree to check out fraternity houses, finally coming to the steps of Omega Sigma, where they are greeted by pledge recruiter Mike (Callard Harris). Intrigued by the fraternity’s cool factor, their fate is sealed. They begin a journey that will make a lifetime of memories.

So now that you’ve heard my nutty story, I’d love to hear yours! What is your craziest college memory? And please, make it better than mine! LOL You never know – your story just might be good enough to be on a future episode of the show! 🙂 Share your story in a comment below (and make sure you either leave your email address or it is visible on your profile) to be entered to win a prize pack with a t-shirt and Rubik’s cube! The winner will be randomly selected on 11/27 using

Before you go, here’s a trailer video of the show so you can see why the hubs is so hyped up to see it! 🙂

Disclosure: By posting about Glory Daze (and completing 3 more posts for Turner Influencer Network), I’m one of 50 bloggers entered to win a free iPad. The information about Glory Daze and the giveaway prize pack was provided by Turner Influencer Network. The sad college story was, unfortunately, true and my own. I received no compensation for this post.

  • Yona Williams

    One of my craziest college moments would have to be jumping on stage during a campus concert with George Clinton and P-Funk. The grown man in his band that wears the DIAPER started dancing with me. I was completely sober when I did this and as I look back – I have no clue what possessed me to do such a thing. Email: yona(at)

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  • Joanna

    Wow, that's a whole lot of beef jerky! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • robert paulsen

    I imagine that the alcohol is probably a recurring theme. My best, presented is though someone with a lot of memory gaps is reciting it: Went to a party, got drunk. Stayed at the party long enough to get sober. Realized it was only 3 PM. Found 50 dollar bill, walked from party to gas station and bought 50 dollars worth of beef jerky, returned to party. Got drunk a second time. Sobered up and realized it was still only 8 PM. Realized, sober, that I still had most of 50 dollars worth of beef jerky.