Write a Thank You Note in 5 Easy Steps
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If you’ve ever had a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party, etc, you know that Thank You notes are a very important part of your job after receiving gifts. My grandmother always taught me to handwrite letters, and writing a proper Thank You note was something that I was determined to learn – and definitely something I will pass on to my children. I hate to see fewer people writing letters and children not even being taught cursive writing in schools anymore.

But how do you write a proper thank-you note? This site was my main inspiration when I started attempting to write thank-yous. I also like this site for those manly men out there who want to write thank-you notes too. 🙂 It’s the same information, just more manly! And Emily Post has some fantastic ideas for teaching children to write thank you notes to write a thank you note

How to Write a Thank You Note

  1. Use stationary, postcard or a blank inside card. If you’re using a card, it’s best to get one with a design on the front and not “Thank you” printed on the front. Personally, I prefer to use blank inside cards. You can find sets of 8-12 cards and envelopes at the Dollar Tree for $1 each.
  2. Use blue or black ink – this is just easier to read. Depending on your recipient, you may choose a different color, but test it on white paper before you write a card with it to make sure that it will be clear and easy to read.
  3. Refer to your list of gifts – whenever you receive a gift, you should keep a record of what the gift is, who sent it, for what occasion, when you received it and their return address. I also use return addresses for mailed gifts or cards to add to our address directory for our family and friends. Everyone in the directory is on the Christmas Card list, so that’s how we stay up-to-date. You’ll need information about the gift to write your Thank You note.
  4. Write clearly – cursive writing is preferred, but if you’re not able to write in cursive legibly, then hand write your note with printed letters. Do not type it up on a computer and print it out, even if you have a cursive font on the computer. It’s not as classy.
  5. Use the following format for your thank you note:Greeting: Dear Name of Gift Giver,- Thank the giver for the gift. Do not mention money by name. Instead, say thank you for your generosity or your generosity is appreciated. This should be a simple sentence.
    – Next, tell the sender how you use the gift or something you like about the gift. Don’t lie. It’s easier to say something nice about the gift than to make up a way you’ll use it that isn’t true.
    – Briefly touch on the past and the future in relation to the gift giver. If you don’t see or stay in touch with the giver often, you can be vague.
    – Thank the giver again.Love,Your name

So a completed thank you note for a pair of concert tickets would look like this:

Dear Gift Giver,

Thank you for the concert tickets. An evening out without the kids is always fabulous, but attending the concert was an awesome experience and we truly enjoyed it. It was great to see you at the Christmas party, and we hope to see you again soon. Thanks again for the tickets!



When I first started attempting to write proper thank you notes, I wrote down the instructions on a note card and referred to it as I wrote until I was comfortable enough to do it on my own. Now I keep it in the cardbox with my index cards (how I stay organized) so that if I have a thank you note to write I can easily refer to it, since being pregnant has totally consumed my brain. 🙂

Of course, the most important part after the actual writing of the note is the sending – make sure to get it in the mail ASAP!

A friend of mine does awesome thank you notes with her son for his birthday party (and probably all other occasions) – she has him color on paper with crayons or markers, then cuts the paper into card size and writes on the inside for him. We gave him a toy truck for his birthday this year and the card said “Thank you for the toy truck, I like playing with it” or something to that extent. It’s so awesome to see and such a cute way to teach the children to write thank you notes too.

Do you write thank you notes when you receive gifts, invitations or advice?

Do you write thank you notes when your child receives gifts?

When is the last time you wrote or received a thank you note?

Updated 1/23/2014: It’s National Handwriting Day today – celebrate by writing a thank you  note to someone you care about, and make sure to use handwriting! And eat a pie while you’re it, today is also National Pie Day. Need a cookbook suggestion? Here’s a review of a pie cookbook I love!

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