How YOU Can Write Your Best Blog

how to write your best blog

It’s 2012 – the year of your best blog ever!

These days there are bloggers everywhere. It’s no longer weird to be the emo kid on LiveJournal (I was that kid) or the mom with too much time on her hands on Blogger (been there too). Now we are seeing more people than ever entering the blogging world, sharing their thoughts and knowledge with the Interweb. With all of this flood of information, how can you write your best blog?

Changes from 2011

Many people will tell you that one of the first steps to growing your blog and being a successful blogger is to provide quality content. It’s almost like a no-brainer, but it does need to be said. In the blogger race right now there is a lot of pressure to create content that drives traffic. But at the end of the day, the numbers that you’re seeing can ebb and flow. As a lot of us have seen with the “new” StumbleUpon, the traffic we used to be driving has slowed to a trickle.

New in 2012

Instead of using buzz words and writing content that will bring in the traffic, we need to change our focus. This will also allow those who don’t have blogs yet but who do have something to share to be a part of the community too. Jennifer James in her yearly predictions about the mom blogging world says that the distance between the tiers of bloggers will continue to widen – there’s a separation between the top bloggers and everyone else, and that’s just going to get worse. She also says that content will be of the utmost importance this year.

Your Best Blog

So what can you do to write a blog that is successful even as algorithms change and the mom blogging world changes this year? Easy – write content that matters to you. So many times we’re using the hot topics but we have little interest in them or we’re trying to follow some kind of formula to be a successful blogger because that’s what those before us have done. Instead of letting your blog fall into that trap, step back and examine what’s important to you.

Focus on YOUR Interests

If you’re struggling to put three posts together, it may be that you just aren’t interested in that topic anymore. Instead of treading water with your blog, you should be exploring what DOES make you happy. Even when you’re making money on your blog, you don’t want to be miserable writing it! Time will go much faster and you’ll have your best blog ever if you’re focusing on what you love.

How do you write your best blog? To recap:

  • Write content that you care about – it will go faster and be more valuable
  • Lose the focus on the numbers – algorithms change and the secret to success isn’t tricking a search engine into checking your page out more often
  • Know what’s going on in the blog world, but don’t succumb to fads. Just like in fashion, they’ll be gone before you know it!

I hope 2012 is your best blog year ever! What are your tips and tricks?

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