Play Date: Pumpkin Theme

This morning we had a pumpkin themed play date in our moms group! It was so much fun to plan (that’s really my favorite part of play dates!), and even though we weren’t in the space I had planned for, I think it really went well. The kids really seemed to enjoy the activities! I totally intended to take pictures when it was set up this morning, but I ran a bit late setting it up and the kids were already arriving. So no pictures (plus, I think I left my camera at home!), but I do have some links to share!

Pumpkin Craft:

This was a fun craft that was easy to prepare. I ended up with a bunch of super cheap (read flimsy) construction paper left over from another project, so I tried to use it up here. Because it wouldn’t hold the glue, I also cut up and used poster board as the back for the pumpkin. I didn’t find pumpkin seeds, so I cut them out of construction paper.

Pumpkin Sensory Activity:

Our sensory activity was a carved pumpkin that had the guts removed. Our group is toddlers and preschoolers, so we took the guts out, put them in bowls and let the kids have at it. This one was hampered a bit by the change of place, but the kids still loved it. And it was nice that the place we ended up with was right across the hall from a child sized bathroom, so it made for easy hand washing. I don’t have a picture of this one, but here is a list of 40 awesome pumpkin activities!

Pumpkin Snack:

I loved this snack. I also took in half of Grandma Red’s Pineapple Cake, which I just realized I’ve not yet shared with you. You will love it, it’s amazing. Seriously. A super easy, super delicious cake that even a non-baker could master. But here’s the amazing pumpkin muffin recipe from Smitten Kitchen!


We also had crayons, paper, and fake leaves for leaf rubbings and 2 jack-o-lantern buckets with bean bags for playing. The kids loved it, and the moms seemed to have fun too!

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