Mamavation Campaign 15 Application

I know you’ve heard me talk about Mamavation before, and you might even remember last year when I applied to be Mamavation Mom. Well, I didn’t get too many votes and I wasn’t one of the Moms. But I kept on trucking all year, losing weight and changing our habits, and now I’m ready to try it again. That’s right, I applied for the Mamavation Campaign 15! See, it’s important to apply early – especially to get in on the good hazing. And oh man, that hazing is wicked awesome! The last hazing I did back for Campaign 11, it made me drop weight like it was my job! After just a couple of days, I could see the difference in my face from doing hazing.

When I was doing my groove-thang at Zumba tonight, it struck me – all these high knees and footfires are totally like Mamavation hazing! So then I was all, hmmmm…. Rachel said I should totally apply again… hmmm…. and then I found out about some super awesome hazing for campaign 15, and I was totally in. All in, lock, stock and barrel. Plus – the Mamavation Moms get Rachel and Tina (who cracks me up so bad I remembered I need to do more Kegels…) as mentors! Talk about lucky!

So yeah, I’m totally jumping in with both feet and applying. I need to have someone hold my hand and tell me what to do – the rest of my family is totally depending on me to be awesome, and I know Mamavation has helped me get to where we are now and will totally help me take it to the next level. And that next level is where I want to be!

I would really love it if you would tweet this:

“Hey @bookieboo! I want @way2gomom to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!”

Or, if you’re on Facebook, post on your wall why you think I would make a great Mamavation Mom, link to and then tag me in it!

The Moms are not chosen by popular vote anymore, but I do need to show that I have online support to help me though this bootcamp!

Last but not least, here is my totally awesome application video :-)

Oh – and you will be seeing weekly Mamavation Monday posts from me! If you don’t see one, email me and tell me to get to work on it! You’ll also find me on the Mamavation TV on Monday nights! Totally committed :-)

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Joanna is a stay-at-home mother of 2 young boys. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, socializing, and constantly struggles to find new and better ways to manage the home.
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  • Kia Ru

    Good luck on your campaign! I hope it goes well.

    • Joanna

      Thanks Kia! :-)