10 Best DIY Seed Starting Pins

10 Best DIY Seed Starting Pins

It’s one of my favorite times of year now… the seed catalogs have rolled in and it’s almost time to start seedlings indoors so that they’ll be ready for the outdoors when the sun is warming the ground. Living in zone 5b with an average growing season of only 154 days means we need to be a little creative and extend our growing season to get the ideal amount of delicious awesomeness out of our garden! (Click here to find your gardening zone!) So I’ve scoured Pinterest (such a chore! ok, only a chore to stay on task on Pinterest!) to find the very best pins that will help you get your seeds started this Spring. Get starting planning, gathering materials, checking dates, and you’ll be fully ready to have an amazing garden this spring, summer, and fall.


Is there anything MORE awesome than DIY seed pots from recycled newspaper? I think not! Plus, it’s kind of like origami and you can sit back and say WOW – I made that! Plus, it can be fun for kiddos to do ;-)


Like the newspaper pots? Have other odds and ends you’d like to use as seed starting pots? Here’s a post with a bunch of different recycling materials that can be used, including cereal boxes, egg cartons, and even paper towel or toilet paper tubes as well as a different method of the newspaper pots. Must read!


Learn from the issues other people have had with methods before you try – read this post about the downsides of starting seeds in egg cartons.


Not only is this a totally awesome way to use a normally thrown away or composted bit of material, it’s also perfect because the citrus will act as both food and insect repellent for the little seedling when you plant the seedling, citrus shell and all, out in the garden. I would reserve this method for quick germinating seeds that aren’t going to sit around the house too long before you put them outdoors. It would be just way too tempting for my kiddos to leave these alone.


Total cost for this seed starting system? $20. Even with a limited budget, growing your own food is totally possible!


Perfect DIY project for even BETTER seed results – recycle that Christmas rope lighting into a DIY heat mat for your seedlings.


Organize your seeds – and your time – with this super simple, super cute, hanging seed calendar.

And for those more scientifically inclined, I give you –

I just love This Old House. And here they’re showing us how to use a sponge to start small seeds (like flax or radish). Be sure you use a new sponge for this…

Who hasn’t done this method as a science project? Bonus – even kids as young as 3 will be able to keep up enthusiasm long enough to start these seeds. Great project to do at home with kiddos!

Last but not least, be sure you check out this amazing guide to seed starting from Proverbs 31 Woman. Better yet, slide it over to your Kindle or eReader and have it available when you have some time to read! She does an excellent job explaining details, and it’s a very thorough guide!

So there you go – there are the 10 very best DIY Seed Starting pins that I’ve found on Pinterest! Do you know of a pin that should be on this list but isn’t? Leave a note in the comments and I’ll link it up!

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