10 Reasons You Should Work Out Today

Do you ever have “discussions” with yourself about why you should work out? I don’t know about you, but sometimes the hardest part of working out is getting started. It is SO easy to make excuses for ourselves and give ourselves an “out” to not exercise on any given day. But if you have health and fitness goals, those outs are NOT going to get you to the finish line! Today I want to share with you my 10 reasons for working out – if it weren’t for these reasons, I wouldn’t be a Mamavation Mom!

1o reasons you should workout today

  1.  Relieve stress – you know that exercise is a stress reliever, right? On those days that you have had a terrible day and you just want to crawl into bed with a giant bowl of Ben & Jerry’s, the BETTER idea is to work out. Even 20 minutes of exercise can get your stress levels down. Stress isn’t healthy for you (who doesn’t know that, am I right?), and it can even keep weight on. So get to getting, and get that stress gone!
  2. Sleep better – my friend Rebecca totally disagrees with me on this one, but one of my reasons for working out is because it makes me sleep better. I have a really  hard time sleeping and staying asleep since my boys were born, so anything I can do to improve the sleep I do get is a win for me!
  3. Make it a habit – when I was just starting on the workout thing was the time when I needed this list the most. It is so easy to make excuses when it’s not your habit to exercise – and it takes a while to make new habits. So today, just workout – in time it’ll become a habit and you won’t have to reason your way into it.
  4. Lose weight – with the obesity epidemic the way it is in the US, I’m not sure I know of too many people who don’t want to lose at least some weight. For me, when I was starting to work out, I was starting with no working out – you KNOW that means I had weight to lose!
  5. Be inspirational – since I’ve started working out and talking about it, I have found a gym buddy, been welcomed into groups of friends who work out, and have even inspired some of my friends and family to either start working out, continue working out, or at least plan to plan to work out. Just do it – you’ll be inspiring people you don’t even know.
  6. Build self-esteem – so before I did the Mamavation hazing over the past month, I seriously would have never thought that I could do 100 jumping jacks or 100 lunges or 50 crunches – but I did. And the feeling that I had after accomplishing those feats was so awesome. I’m learning more and more just how awesome I am and how awesome my body is – and that’s priceless!
  7. Reach your goals – did you make health or fitness goals or resolutions this year? Well you’re not going to reach your goals by sitting on your tush! Get up and move!
  8. Better mood – exercising improves your mood at the same time as reducing stress. Who doesn’t need to be in a better mood? Have you ever had one of those totally blah days where everything was just meh? Work out – it’ll get better. Seriously, like my natural enthusiasm wasn’t enough, I now have all this endorphin-induced SQUEEE going on, and it’s way better to parent and be wifely with a good mood.
  9. Build character – so I can’t be the only person who used to read Calvin & Hobbes, right? I loved how his dad always told him everything he didn’t like built character. And it’s true! Doing stuff that you don’t feel like doing or you don’t want to do is a great way to build strength of character in yourself. So do it.
  10. You deserve to feel awesome! – Just the fact that you’re thinking about working out more is a great indicator that you’re trying to take  better care of yourself. And you know what? You totally deserve to feel awesome, just the way you will when you’re working out and reaching your goals. I have faith in you!
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