8 Ways to Make 2013 Totally AWESOME

1. Start each day on a positive note with a daily affirmation. Write something positive about you or your life on a note card and post it on the wall or the mirror in the bathroom, wherever you will see it every day. Read it to yourself. You’ll start each day on the right foot and give yourself a great boost! My daily affirmation for 2013? “I am fully capable of being organized, on time, AND creative!”

make the new year awesome2. Call one friend or loved one every day. I absolutely loved this article from ApartmentTherapy.com about 10 Simple Things to Make You Happier at Home, and this one I’m adding to my daily life in 2013! It’s simple – don’t email, text, or Facebook message, but CALL one person in your life every day. While folding laundry, doing chores, whatever, just do it! You’ll be connecting with your person and strengthening your relationship with him or her, plus you’ll be a better communicator! How many times have I told myself that I don’t talk to my friends often just because I’m not a good communicator? NO MORE! Instead of complaining, I’m fixing it!

3. Walk for 30 minutes every day (all at once!). I will never forget the visual that our chiropractor used when he explained the benefits of walking 30 minutes every day – he told us to imagine that our life was this line, with birth at one end and death at the other. Our health and our way of life can affect how close we are to either end. He gave some examples and moved himself around on the line, but the one that struck me most was that simply walking 30 minutes a day can move you closer to the healthy side and farther from the death side. There are a ton of benefits that you can reap from walking 30 minutes a day including mood improvement, mental clarity, trimmer waist, lower cholesterol, and more! Don’t just take my word for it! Check out this page from the American Heart Association for more information about how awesome walking can be for your health.

4. Make a routine for your daily life. There are things that we do (or should do) every single day. Things like wake up, make the bed, brush your teeth, shower, make breakfast… etc. But do you always do these things in the same order? Simplifying our daily tasks into a predictable routine will allow us to breeze through them faster, always know the basics are done (load of laundry a day, check!), and spend less time catching up on things. 5 minutes today is so much easier than 2 hours a month!

5. Pick a place for your mail and your keys and keep them there every day. I know it sounds weird. But you know what, spending time clearing out the clutter of junk mail and searching for keys is something that I can totally do without! Instead, streamline your processes by having a key hook or bowl near the door so you can leave them there when you come in and know exactly where to find them when you leave. Have a spot to keep the mail so that when you get it every day you can stick it there and not on the table, from where it moves to the counter, and then to the cupboard, etc. Plan one day a week to open/throw away/file your mail and voilà!

6. Organize your financials. I recently saw an article titled “The Absolutely Easiest Way to Track, Pay, & Organize Your Household Bills… No Filing Required!” and I said no… not possible. No filing? Absolutely Easiest? Completely sure that I could find a way to break her system, I checked out the article. And after I picked my jaw up from the floor I said… “But… that’s… mEH!” Yes, I was incomprehensible. You see, the system is not only ridiculously easy, but it’s also one of those – DUH – systems that should’ve been totally obvious. Having your financials organized will give you more time to spend on the fun stuff you’ll be doing in 2013!

7. Write and start doing a bucket list. You’ve seen the movie Bucket List, right? Well today I discovered a post from one of my Mamavation Sistas with 30 things she wanted to do before she hits 30… and suddenly the light flicked on over my head and it was clear – you don’t have to wait until you’re old and crusty to make a bucket list! Do it now and start it now! Not only will you be doing totally awesome things in 2013, but you’ll have that warm and fuzzy feeling of accomplishment every time you cross something off your list!

8. Make a memory jar. There are literally tons of examples out there on the web, but this is one fad that I’m definitely hopping on this year. The basic idea is that you take a jar and fill it with little scraps of paper that have stories of stuff you’ve done throughout the year that you want to remember. Then on New Years Eve you can read the memories and remember how awesome the previous year really was. Here’s a really adorable memory jar!

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Joanna is a stay-at-home mother of 2 young boys. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, socializing, and constantly struggles to find new and better ways to manage the home.
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  • http://twitter.com/RUtheMOMof Rebecca

    LOVE these ideas I may steal a few :)

    • http://www.justjoanna.com Joanna

      Steal away my friend! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/LindsaysFamily Our Family Adventure

    AWESOME post, Joanna! I like the memory jar and am actually doing that too!! Daily affirmation is a MUST!!

    • http://www.justjoanna.com Joanna

      Thanks Linsday! :-) I’m glad you liked it!