Slumber Party!!

I loved slumber parties as a kid. Seriously, who doesn’t? There were two distinctly bad slumber parties that I attended growing up and still remember – one when I had my first period (that’s totally okay to talk about now, but when I was 10 and asking my friend’s mom for a pad… AWKWARD!) and another one that was a birthday party for my friends, but the only gift I had to give her was a book, so I tried to make it a better present by giving her a bottle of perfume that was important to me, but she totally took it the wrong way and when she gave everyone their gifts for attending (earrings), she gave me a used pair of earrings stuck through a receipt… yeah, that was not the pinnacle of my grade school career. But, I digress…

So it’s slumber party time, and that’s totally awesome. We’re celebrating the first Monday in 2013 with a Mamavation slumber party, and you should totally join us for MAMAVATION TV: Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV. But before we get to that awesome party, I should probably talk to you about my fitness/weight loss journey to date…

There are there distinct awesomes and 2 stinkers that I want to talk to you about!

1. My doctor (well, she’s a nurse practitioner, but I call her my doc!) asked me how I had managed to lose 5 pounds in the last month… she knew we were eating pretty healthy, so I told her the funny thing that happens when you actually GO to the gym…
2. My hubband says that he can tell I’m losing weight (and on the tush too, I was super excited about that. GOODBYE THUNDER THIGHS!)
3. I have a new gym buddy! My sister-in-law is my new gym buddy, and we already have gym trips scheduled for this week (that might be slightly draining with the Pinterest workouts for Mamavation applicants that @fitmomtraining has been warning us about (I swear, I could hear her rubbing her hands together and cackling all evil-villain like from here!)

And the stinkers
1. I WANT ALCOHOL SO BAD. So I’m totally not a lush, I swear, but Leah said that applicants weren’t to have alcohol and Shelley said we’d totally get through the holidays without having alcohol no prob, I thought – hey, that’s no big thing, I’m GOLDEN! Since then I’m totally craving any and all alcohol. With abandon. So I’m like woah, this is crazy. And then my lush conscience is all like, “GIMME GIMME GIMME!” And then I’m like, “Hey look, Decki put a martini glass as her pin on the map” and my lush is all like, “OMG I AM TOTALLY DRIVING UP TO HER HOUSE AND STEALING ALL HER BOOZE.” Yeah, so that’s been real.
2. My weight’s not been changing, mostly because I’ve been sucking at monitoring what I’m eating. With the kids off from school, I’ve gotten into the same ol’ bad habits of snacking here and there, cleaning their plates, etc. Not cool, me, not cool!

Oh wait – there’s another awesome – I did a Kettlebell class at the Y because @ParenthoodKaty told me too… and OMG I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE. Seriously. And I’m losing inches, that’s awesome too. OH, and at the Kettlebell class, I totally did situps ALL THE WAY UP. I know, I was like, WHAT?! But that’s what all those planks in the Mamavation hazing will do for ya. And oh yeah – Couch 2 5k? Totally rocking it. But that might take a hiatus in the next couple of weeks for the Pinterest workouts and IF IF IF I get picked to be Mamavation Mom.

So, if you don’t know what Mamavation is, you’re probably totally lost or wondering if I’m totally insane right about now. Although I can’t really address the second, the answer the first is that Mamavation is a totally awesome online community/support group that rocks my world. If you don’t know what Mamavation is, hop on Twitter and check the #mamavation hastag or go to I’m a member of the Sistahood, and I’m also applying to be one of the Mamavation Moms in Campaign 15. Check out my application here!

And you know what, it would totally rock my world if you would tweet for me:

Hey @bookieboo! I want @way2gomom to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

OR, if you’re a Facebooker, put a comment on your wall about WHY you think I’d make an awesome Mamavation Mom, link to, and tag me in it!

Also, you should totally head to a Twitter party on Tuesday, January 8th at 9pm-10pm EST where you’ll see me standing with the farmers in Farmers vs. Monsanto. More deets here!

Also, congratulations to all the #iHeartOmron bloggers!!!

And hey, while we’re talking about Twitter parties, don’t forget to check out the #GetUNREAL hashtag at 8pm on Wednesday January 9th for the Unjunking 2013 Twitter party with Unreal Candy! Click here for the details!

This post is sponsored by Schick Intuition and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway.”

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  • wa_tracy

    I was the same way with chocolate that you are with booze. I just had to remove it from my house for months until I changed my cravings. And great job on the sit-up! Plusalso…sorry I’m late to the party. Work and stuff gets me distracted 😉

  • Meghan Cooper

    I love slumber parties. I missed yesterdays though! :(

  • Our Family Adventure

    WOA girl you got a whole lot of info in that post! lol I was never really into sleepovers as a kid unless it was just one other girl. When you add in many friends it starts to get clicky and someone always get’s their feelings hurt and ends up crying. At least that was always my experience! lol

    Okay had NO IDEA we weren’t supposed to have alcohol, not that I had any BUT with my MIL in my house I have been thinking I could REALLY use some :/ Sigh. I guess I will have to workout more to get through the stress! lol

  • Sarah M

    You are doing awesome!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Jessica B

    You sound like your on a great path…. keep up the work! Good luck on becoming a Mamavation mom, it is a life changing opportunity.

  • Jennifer Crum

    It sounds like you’re making some great changes! It’s so nice when others start to notice too! congratulations!