Stretch Island Fruit Strips: Non-GMO Pre-Workout Snack (and Valentine!)

We recently discovered that my oldest son has another food issue – this time with Red 40. While it’s a dye that is pretty common in candies and processed foods, it took us a while to find out about it because he just doesn’t have those foods very often. In fact, it was a combination of the dye in a bubble bath AND in juice that brought the issue to light for us. Ever since, I have been very careful when responding to inquiries about reviewing food products. Not only do I have to check and make sure that they are safe with his peanut allergy, I also have to make sure that they’re safe with the dye issue. When I was introduced to Stretch Island Fruit Strips, I was super excited to find out that they were not only peanut-free, they were also Red 40-free!

One of the food genres that drives me batty is the pre-workout snack. I used to love me some peanut butter snacks. The Pinterest energy bite snacks that I find recipes for almost always have peanut butter in them. Yes, I could just switch the recipe out for sunflower butter (or some other non-peanut-butter), but those can be very pricey. It may just be because of my rural area that they’re so salty in price (haha), but I’m cheap and I just can’t stand the idea of using all that sunflower butter on myself when my son could be eating it. So I was looking up pre-workout snacks the other day, and I was delighted to discover that fruit leathers were on the list of excellent treats. What could be better than a quick and easy Stretch Island Fruit Strip before a workout? And there’s another bonus…

Since genetically modified foods started appearing in the marketplace and in fields, my mom has been vocal about her distrust and lack of approval of these foods. She has a degree in food science, has worked in schools, is an amazing cook, and lets me learn from her about what foods are good and bad. In fact, if I would’ve paid a little more attention to what she was showing me about nutrition before, I wouldn’t be needing to lose weight now! But anyway, she’s always been anti-GMO and I’ve heard for years why and how they are bad for people. And now that it’s starting to be mainstream to question GMOs, we’re seeing some awesome new products surfacing. Like Stretch Island Fruit Strips – they are non-GMO which puts them on my “Yes, Please!” list.

Not only do I love these snacks because they’re healthy, non-GMO, dye-free and peanut-free, I also love them because my kids will eat them. Having a “treat” to give my kids that isn’t full of nasty ingredients is a huge perk. And since they’re a guilt-free treat, I don’t mind giving them to other kids, even as a Valentine! If you’re looking for a healthy Valentine treat this year, give Stretch Island Fruit Strips a try, and there are plenty of flavors to choose from, I haven’t found one yet that I didn’t like.

Stretch Island Fruit Strips

What is your go-to pre-workout snack? What healthy treats will you be serving up for Valentine’s Day?

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    Ahhh, omg! MY BOYS! They also cannot have Red 40. Thankfully even they have seen & felt the difference which helps. (Make sure to check EVERYTHING…many chocolates & the color brown can even contain it!) It takes a few extra minutes to check everything, but WELL WORTH IT to have my munchkins be themselves! :)
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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    I’m a dried fruit lover from way back, and learning about fruit strips or leathers in their individual packets was a little bit of heaven. Look forward to a chance to try these.

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