The 3 Best Couch 2 5k Podcast Sites

If you knew me in high school or before, then you would know how much I very much detested running in all its forms. Yet now, you may have noticed on Facebook or Twitter than I’m crunching out the Couch 2 5k program. Weird, right? Totally unlike me? You’re right – it is totally unlike me, but it’s totally what I need. I have come to embrace the art of the run, even though I’m in pre-baby steps of it now. The feeling that I get when I smash out a wog (walk/jog) on Couch 2 5k is amazing. I wish everyone could feel it. And it’s totally getting my body ready to shed pounds. Because I’m a skinny girl working her way out of a fat girl’s body.

I’ve tried to start the running program before, but I never really had much success. The first time was after my first son was born. I didn’t have a treadmill, so I was running outside trying to keep the time intervals on my watch. It did not work out so well. I tried another time at the gym on a treadmill with a playlist/podcast, but I was horrified to discover that it was this electronic/disco-type music. So not my style. It was a little too much to add in a whole music genre I didn’t really care for in addition to the physical activity that was not my bag. So I dropped it both times.

This time I’m not only sticking with it, I’m totally kicking its butt. Like really. The Mamavation trainer cleared me to do 2 rounds of the 30 minute(ish) program each time I do it. So I’ve been knocking out way more miles than I ever thought possible. It’s awesome. But I would like to share with you the secret to my success. It’s not that I suddenly found a magic “I Want to Run” pill or anything. Nope, what I found is so much simpler and more awesome than that.

I found podcasts.

I know, you’re like, what?! It’s totally the teens up in here, we’re way out of the 90’s, right? WELL, let me assure you that I first I was skeptical also. But the deal with the podcasts is that they are awesome music playlists WITH the vocal cues to tell you when to run, when to walk, and when to take a breath because it’s almost over. The difference between these and the one I started and failed before is that I actually like the music. Having music that you like goes a LONG way to getting your booty moving!

Best Couch 2 5k Music

Here are my 3 favorite sites for Couch 2 5k Podcasts:

  1. Suz’s Couch 2 5k – this is the first site that I found with music that I liked AND the vocal cues. Not only does she have several different options for some of the weeks, she also has a 5k to 10k bridge program that I just know I will be using in the future.
  2. Running into Shape – I love the tagline on this site. So adorable. Also, she has the choices of Hip Hop or Rock – what could be better?
  3. Go Nicole Yourself – I just happen to love the songs that she uses! This is a great one too.

So those are my favorites! Did I miss any good ones? What do you listen to when you run?

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  • Joanna Meister

    :) Thank you for this info- From one Joanna to another!! I hope things are still going well with kicking the butt of running… or however you want to say it! I have been exercising for a couple months, but I need to start training for a Zombie Run- this is going to help SOO much! I don’t have a smartphone, so podcasts are my only hope… Thanks again for the info- I enjoyed reading your post!

    • Joanna

      Ooooo another Joanna! Awesome! Thanks for stopping by, I don’t get to meet too many Joannas, but you will find me using the hashtag @joannasrule on Twitter! I hope you like the podcasts, they’ve done really great for me and I’m on to longer and farther now. Hope to chat with you soon!

  • Jennifer Crum

    I’ve been looking for good music to help me along, going to check these out. Thanks!

  • Crunchy Beach Mama

    Never heard of this. Need to check it out! Though I usually have my little guy with me and it’s hard to listen to anything.