Mamavation Monday: Break’s Over

Mamavation Monday Check In

Time for me to check in for Mamavation Monday… and it’s a glorious day, the snow has been falling here again and we’re all recovering from gnarly colds that seem to have left everyone except me. I’ve been putting some serious time into realigning my blogging goals, pushing myself toward more blogging success, returning to my normal non-campaign routine, and resuming the housekeeping that I may have slightly let slip a little during the campaign.

And I have a confession – I totally took a break. Yes, I finished the #2weekchallenge, but I didn’t do the workouts as well as I did during the campaign. At first, my husband and I started doing them together, but then we had the issue of the children not behaving while we were doing them or only having one set of weights… it wasn’t the easiest. And then there’s the fact that my husband is definitely a morning workout person, and I am not all about waking up at 3:30 in the morning to work out with him. Part of that was due to the routine change during the campaign – I had to stay up late at night to make Hangouts and it was easier to do some of the workouts when the kids were sleeping. Before the campaign, I would wake up early to work out when the kids were sleeping, and that’s the schedule that I’m returning to this week. It’s been a little difficult to migrate back, but I’m getting there.

CAM00181So I totally phoned in some of my workouts. I didn’t run as much as I had hoped, I didn’t always drink enough water, and I didn’t pay close attention to my food. And as a result, I lost 0.6 pounds. Wow. That’s not  huge. I mean, yes, every lose is to be celebrated, but when you’re used to seeing the big numbers and you can totally point out what you’ve NOT been doing, it’s kind of a kick in the pants. Which I needed. I needed the break to slow down while I was sick and the kids were sick, to readjust to non-campaign life, etc, but now that’s done. Break’s over. Back to work.

This morning I started my day with about half of the hazing that I found out Leah had assigned after I finally got on the computer. I’m planning to get in at least 2 more workouts before the day is over, like I was doing pre-campaign. And I’m definitely watching my food. And I’m almost halfway done with my water already. Yes, this feels better. This feels like the awesome I felt during the campaign when I was totally kicking butt, eating right, and losing weight. I do think that breaks are important and can really help you make sure you’re all lined up mentally and emotionally, but I’m glad mine is over. One important thing for me was that I didn’t scrap everything. I just didn’t do everything as well. It would’ve been so much harder if I had just dropped everything, so I’m super glad for the 2 week challenge right after the campaign!

Have you taken breaks from healthy living? What breaks have you taken? Was it difficult to get started again?

Note: I’m not sure what the problem is, but I apparently broke my site and it won’t let me upload the scale image that I have. Starting weight: 239. Current weight: 203.2. Total loss – 35.8 pounds.

This post is sponsored by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway

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  • Junebug

    I have but I’m finding they make it too hard to return so I’m trying to just take mental breaks with still doing a workout but not pushing myself as much. I just can’t let myself get out of the routine because it seems to take longer each time to get back at it.

  • Erica Zamsky Hunt

    I think we all take breaks-its part of life. Sometimes we just don’t have the mental ability to do it all

  • Tina

    Have I taken any breaks.. More than I care to admit.. You know what though, a break is good.. It confuses your body a bit which in the long run will help you continue to lose weight..

  • Pepper Ferguson

    I have taken breaks – sometimes life needs a mental slow down. But I do try not to totally check out.

  • Kia Ru

    You are human and I am glad you are not letting too much time lapse in your diligence. I feel like this pregnancy has been a break in fun routine for me… sort of like a dog tugging at a leash with the things I cannot do, etc. My lapses have generally been from pregnancy, injuries, or having to care for others when they are in acute need. All life events – and it feels great to get back to routine.

  • Rebecca @RUtheMOMof

    I am in shock reading this makes me realize that you are indeed human after all. I LOVE you so you can never do wrong in my book NEVER !!!!

  • April Ockerman

    Sometimes we all need a break and time to regroup and refocus. Life can sure get crazy and it is hard when schedules change and finding what works for you. COngrats on all you have accomplsighed!