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I have an announcement.

I know, you’re waiting in breathless anticipation, right?

pullups every flush

I am delighted to announce that I am participating in the Pullups Madrinas del Baño campaign! In this campaign, I will have an opportunity to learn from two outstanding Hispanic potty training authorities, Dr. Andres Cotton and Jeannette Kaplun. Dr. Cotton is a father of three with 16 years of pediatrics experience who has a private practice in Miami and serves at Miami Children’s Hospital. Jeannette is a leading Latina mom blogger, parenting expert, and mother of two. I will also be putting Pullups potty training products to the test and sharing with you my potty training tips, tricks, and advice!

Tank looking at Pullups stuff

My son is checking out the Pullups products – he looks excited!

From potty training my first son, I l earned a few important lessons, and now it’s time to work on potty training with my youngest! One lesson I learned was to be consistent. Unfortunately, that is not one of my strong suits. I used to set up multiple alarms on my cell phone to put him on the potty, but those didn’t always go off (I’m talented, I know!). I’m really excited to use the Pullups Big Kid App this time around, and here’s some info about it –

Available for both Android and iOS devices, the app contains all the tools and information needed to enhance the training experience – from games and 3D technology, to rewards for their child as they reach Big Kid® success.

Another lesson I learned that I will definitely be using this time is to celebrate every time – and that coincides nicely with the Pullups Every Flush program! Celebrate their first, second and every time they go to the bathroom… because when you least expect it, they’ll succeed. My son is just getting started with potty training, and I’m sure it will be a little frustrating sticking to the process, but very rewarding when he learns! I’m looking forward to finding more ways to celebrate his potty milestones than I did with my first – I think having his older brother cheer him on will really help too!

Check out Pullups on Facebook to learn more about Every Flush and Madrinas del Baño! You can also chat about potty training on Twitter with PullupsBigKid. And don’t forget to check out this video from Pullups.

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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