Potty Training Tips from Pullups
Top 5 Potty Training Tips from Pull-Ups Experts
March 20, 2013 latina

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a special webinar with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull-Ups to listen to potty training advice from experts Dr. Andres Cotton and Jeannette Kaplun. This is very timely advice for me because my youngest is showing definite interest in using the potty – he’s even gone on it a few times himself! Needless to say, I was delighted to have the opportunity to listen to advice from professionals, and I was even given an opportunity to ask questions myself! As a result, I have some information to share with you – both about the experts, and their expert advice.

The Experts

Potty training experts from Pullups

Jeannette Kaplun and Dr. Andres Cotton

Dr. Cotton is a pediatrician in Miami who works both at Miami Children’s Hospital and has his own practice. He has 17 years of experience as a pediatrician, including some volunteer work with a Haiti Medical Relief Team. He has done a lot of great work and has worked with many parents, so he definitely has a wealth of knowledge to impart! It was really neat to hear him during the webinar because he was more comfortable speaking in Spanish and I don’t hear a lot of that anymore!

Jeannette Kaplun is a really awesome woman – condensing her bio into a single paragraph will take a bit of effort on my part! Beginning in the early 2000’s, she blogged about her pregnancy and motherhood. She’s been in the media on TV, radio, online and is also a published author and conference speaker! And on top of all that, she’s potty trained her own two children. She really was awesome to listen to through the webinar!

The Advice

Dr. Cotton and Jeannette both had great advice during the webinar. The bloggers in this campaign sent in questions for them, which was fun. We definitely had an opportunity to learn, and it was also a very fun and casual webinar with lots of laughter. The questions were interesting – I don’t know how some of the other bloggers came up with such awesome questions! After the webinar, I felt that there were five top tips that they shared that I will also be using during my latest potty training adventure with my youngest son.

Potty Training Tips from Pullups

Top 5 Potty Training Tips from Pull-Ups Experts

  1. Wait until your child is ready to potty train – if you wait until your child is showing signs of readiness, it will go much more smoothly than if you try to potty train by a specific age/date. Although some believe that children should be trained by the time they are two years old, experts say you shouldn’t start training your little one until you see that they are ready.
  2. Celebrate every small step toward potty training – and it’s not just because the campaign is called #everyflush! When we celebrate our children’s baby steps toward a goal, they strive to do it more often, which is totally a behavior I want to support when it comes to potty training.
  3. Make sure everyone is on the same page – everyone who watches your child needs to be handling potty training in the same way to help your child be successful. Your potty training ideas may not be the same as your mom’s or tia’s, but if you are all talking about it and approaching potty training with the same techniques, it will be less stressful and confusing for your child.
  4. Relax – we put so much pressure on ourselves and our children about potty training, but it’s totally not necessary! Every child is different and your first kid might not potty train at the same time or with the same amount of effort as your next, and that’s ok!
  5. Expect regression, especially when bringing in a new baby – it’s everyone’s goal to have the oldest potty trained before you have another in diapers, right? Well, that was my goal. And now my new goal is to make sure the youngest is potty trained before we move into a new house with new carpet… ok, I will admit, that is probably not going to happen, but it would be nice to dream! When you do bring a new baby into the house or change your child’s routines and “normal”, you should definitely expect some regression in the potty training process.

I think the most important thing to remember is that potty training is a process – it’s not going to happen all at once, it may not happen in the way you thought you knew was going to work, but it will happen.

Pull-Ups is motivating Moms to stick with Potty Training. Visit Pull-Ups on their Facebook page here, and watch this video to learn more about potty training! You can also reach out to Pull-Ups on Twitter – they’re great at responding!

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Timely for me as we get ready to start this endeavor! 🙂

  • Msellers2

    Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to use these tips when B is old enough. Ok…maybe I can wait!