Grilled Mint and Herb Seed Chicken

You know I’ve been working on better health and nutrition for a while now, and it’s really cool to see opportunities come my way that have that theme as well. I was recently invited to enter a recipe into the Pritikin Recipe of the Year contest, and I just had to see if I could come up with some recipe. You see, it’s not just any recipe contest. The recipes have to fit the strict healthy requirements from Pritikin. That means no red meat, no pork, no added salt, no added fat (including oils, avocados and nuts), no added sugar, and no cheese.

That’s right, I said no cheese.

As a cheese lover, I really cut back on my dairy and cheese intake during the Mamavation Boot Camp I participated in this past January/February/March. I realized as we were doing the process that I was  continually having skin issues because I was sensitive to the dairy. I had gone without dairy while breastfeeding my first son because he was very sensitive, and for a few months when breastfeeding my youngest because he was also sensitive – he just desensitized sooner. So I knew it was possible to go without cheese and dairy, I just wasn’t a fan of it.

With my recipe, I wanted to come up with something that didn’t make me yearn for cheese. I absolutely love the flavors of herbs that are being harvested at this time of year, so I wanted to use those herbs to add some awesome flavor to my dish. When I was just entering my 20s, I had a doctor tell me that people who are thin are that way because they don’t eat the food that tastes delicious – they eat food that is bland sometimes, and I’ve just never wanted to take that statement for a truth. I always go out of my way to find creative tastes to add to my dishes that way it doesn’t seem like it’s a chore to eat the food.

So here is the recipe I came up with – Grilled Mint and Herb Seed Chicken! Voting for the first round closes on August 25th, and I would love it if you would vote for me! To vote, you just have to share this recipe by clicking on the social share icons below the image. Yes, I know I’m no food stylist, but that mint was freshly harvested just for the image! I love growing my food!

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