Being a Loser is My Goal

Every year as the last day of December approaches, there are two camps of people – those who believe the world is going to end when January 1st rolls around, and those who set resolutions or goals for what they want to do in 2014. Well, maybe there are three groups because some people don’t do either. Or maybe I just don’t count those people. At any rate, since I don’t think the world is going to end on Tuesday (but who knows, I could be totally surprised! I just wonder in which timezone the end will come…), I will be taking a few moments to outline what my goals are for the brand spankin’ year 2014.

How to lose weight in 2014

Being a Loser

My top goal for 2014 is to be a loser. 2013 started off with a bang when I was selected for Mamavation Boot Camp 15. However, the post-graduation life has not been as fitness oriented and has caused me to take a couple of steps back in the healthy weight loss journey. Not cool, but since Mamavation is created by/for people who are not perfect, I’m totally fine with this and using it as a way to rededicate myself to my journey. In order to be a big loser this year, I will be focusing on the following:

  • Planning healthy menus – during 2013, I started working again. It initially started as a part time position and then went into a lot more time involvement. Unfortunately, I didn’t respond to the change well and wasn’t adequately prepared to feed my family the right way. Planning healthy menus makes sure that I’m eating the right nutrition and know in advance what I’m cooking, so if it’s a long work day I don’t have a problem getting dinner on the table.
  • Exercising regularly – yeah, basically I started working again and the number of times I was exercising diminished until it vanished, and then I tried to spark it back up, and just didn’t stick with it enough. So I’m scheduling my workouts. And putting them on my Google calendar so that all of my Android devices will remind me and my family when I’m doing what.
  • Growing more of my own food – I love gardening. I would totally marry gardening – you know, if I weren’t already married and it were a hunky millionaire instead of a verb… But I digress. Last year I wasn’t able to have a garden because we were in the process of building our house and moving during the summer, so I did not get as much grown or preserved. This year we’re moved in and I’ve already started work on my beds. I can’t wait for the seed catalogs to start rolling in!

Through these practices of time management, motivation, and the encouragement of my support network in my Mamavation Sistas and family, I have absolutely no doubt that I will totally rock the casbah and be a big loser this year. Want to join me? Jump right in and tell me what your goals are! And then just for kicks, head over to to see more about the rockin’ community that moves me to make better choices for my family.

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Joanna is a stay-at-home mother of 2 young boys. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, socializing, and constantly struggles to find new and better ways to manage the home.
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  • Jennifer

    I love the simplicity of your goals, Joanna. You can do this!

  • Abigail Blank

    OOh! I’ve always wanted to grow my own food. Can’t wait to see how it goes :)

  • Meagan

    We got this

  • Kristin Novotny

    I’m impressed by anyone who can grow food. I can’t even keep a houseplant alive.

    Rock on, Joanna.

  • Erica Zamsky Hunt

    Great things to look forward to….muchlike you I need to work on being a loser too and need to just plan more efficiently. Love that you are imperfect too

  • Junebug

    I’m in the plan and hope for a better year camp but I’m a list maker and we sort of live for this kind of thing. LOL Great goals!

  • Jeanae

    I love this!

  • Jenny Meer Hodges

    I love gardening!! We have a huge herb garden and last spring grew enough tomatoes for my family and 3 others! We also have a peach tree :)

  • dadavis65

    You go girl, I am right behind you.

  • Greta

    I can’t wait to see how your garden grows! Two years ago, we had a great garden, then last year, it was neglected. This coming year, I’m going to try to do better!

  • Semi-Sweet Sarah

    Great goals, Joanna! I think planning and consistency are two MAJOR keys to accomplishing most anything in life, esp. weight-loss/healthy living. You are on the road to success in 2014! Go get ’em!

  • Joelyn Morgan

    You can totally accomplish these goals! Once you start growing food, you can plan meals easier too!

  • Monica Young

    Great goals. I need a exercise partner that keeps in in check. Maybe I just “grab” you as one. LOL

  • Pamdemonium2

    You got this woman!!!!!

  • Lydia R

    Awesome goals. You’ll have to share some of your gardening tips with me!! :)