The Broken Circle by Cheryl Potter
The Broken Circle by Cheryl Potter
January 12, 2014 book review

Disclosure: A paperback copy of the book was provided to me free of charge by STRATEGIES Literary Public Relations, with no requirement to post a review or discuss the book. My opinions in this review are honest and my own. In addition, the Amazon link within my review is an affiliate link. When someone clicks on my link and makes a purchase on, I receive a small commission on the sale.

Creating works of art and function with my hands is one of the most compelling reasons that I have to do crafts such as crocheting or knitting. There is a simple beauty in the process of changing a strand of yarn into a blanket, hat, dish scrubbie or shawl. In addition to crafting, one of my other passions is reading – I especially enjoy works of fiction that transport the reader to another time and place. In The Broken Circle: Yarns of the Knitting Witches, Book One of the Potluck Yarn Trilogy, crafting and imagination are masterfully combined to illustrate and enhance the story of Cheryl Potter’s Potluck Twelve.

In Broken Circle, the conflict and strife of The Middlelands is introduced. Strict laws have been enacted to prevent the use of magic – including creating magical colorways and intricate knitting – because of the known existence of knitting witches. Greed drives the devastation of the Northland Glacier, which in turn causes environmental issues that impairs the income potential of many families, drives families from their homes, and separates children from their parents. It is a volatile time in the country, but there are 11 women who are determined to repair what has been broken and help in what way they can, despite the legal concerns. The women are part of the Potluck Twelve, although their circle was broken when one member left, and their remaining power may be just enough to help The Middlelands.

While the story on its own can certainly stand alone, it is complemented and augmented by the beautiful descriptions of colorways and patterns that are used throughout the book. As an added bonus, the actual patterns and yarns are available from the PotluckYarn website in the companion book. From Skye’s Traveling Cloak to the Land-of-Dreams Scarves, there are plenty of patterns and knitted goods that will delight the crafter within. The website also has a plethora of information and resources on the books, knitting, dying yarn, and more – oh and amazing sales in the shop from time to time!

Fiction writing has been my favorite genre for my entire life – I love being able to step into another world, another time, or even another life and experience a culture, environment, or story completely different from my own. I’m always in awe of writers who can create their own land and people, even more than the writers who create a different story. To have the imagination to create the Middlelands and the story of its people is incredible to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the writing that brought the Middlelands to life in Potter’s book.

Whether you enjoy fiction, knitting, or the story of the underdog conquering all, there are elements that many of my readers will enjoy in The Broken Circle. The subject matter is appropriate for young adults as well as adults, and I think my sister who is an avid crafter and reader would very much enjoy this work. While I haven’t yet purchased the companion book, it is on my list – I just need to decide which yarns I’d like to purchase as well, and there are so many beautiful colorways available on the website! I’ve actually been poking around the shop since before Christmas to decide on a kit with the yarn and pattern included to make my first foray into Potter’s patterns. The story and creativity of The Broken Circle: Yarns of the Knitting Witches, Book 1 by Cheryl Potter wraps readers in a fantasy that can be brought to life with the patterns and yarns of Potluck Yarns.

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