Review: Midnight Castle Hidden Object Adventure Game

Disclosure: I was invited to download this game ahead of the release date by It is a free-to-play game, and I did not receive any compensation or perks for writing this review. My opinions are my own.

Review of Midnight Castle

Every parent needs some down time. One of my favorite activities during my down time is playing games on my computer. Despite my dad’s firm stance that computers are not for games, somehow along the road I become quite convinced that computers are very useful for games. I enjoy a variety of games, one of which is the hidden object type of game. It’s like a little fun exercise for my brain and after having 2 kids, I take all the brain exercises I can get! I swear they sap my brain out of me and use it for their devious purposes. At any rate, when I was invited to play Midnight Castle ahead of the release date, I agreed to check it out because it sounded like fun.


Midnight Castle
Genre: Hidden Object
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Developer: Elephant Games
Platform: PC
Cost: Free to Play, Pay for Perks
Download Link

Midnight Castle has excellent graphics – but a word to the wise, the theme is fairly dark with skeletons and such, so playing with kids might not be the best idea. If you do, you might consider calling it a Halloween theme or otherwise explaining that it is just make believe. You’ll see what I mean in the graphics. The sounds are also decent, but I generally turn music off on any game and at least lower the sound effects. The story line is pretty solid with a mystery that needs to be unraveled as you follow clues through different hidden object scenes. There are some fun mini-games as well, and cute little pets that can help you find items faster.

Some of the hidden object scenes are actually quite difficult, like this one:

Midnight Castle Bas Relief Scene

All of the items seem to be close to the same color as the background which makes it super hard – and super fun! The object list is written below, with the requisite hints and helps that you’d expect in a hidden object game. Here’s an example of another scene that depicts the darker nature of the game:

Coffin Scene

It’s not super gory, but having skeletons lying around is not as kid friendly as some other games that I have played. Now this is a free to play game that is pay for perks, so you might be wondering what the catch is – and you’d be right to wonder. During the game, there are wait times between when you can play the same hidden object scene and you need to play them to find the objects that will fulfill the quests and get you through to more scenes. The wait times progressively increase as you achieve new levels in each scene, so it can take quite a while to finish a quest. One way through the wait times is to use crystals, which you would need to purchase. Another option is to fill up some wait time with mini-games. I personally enjoy the dice game:

Personal Dice Table

The mini-games give you a specific number of free plays per day, so it’s not a complete way to spend time during the wait times, but it is effective. I usually take a break from the game during the wait times, which works for me. There is also a social aspect to the game where you can play with friends. I wish that it integrated with Facebook, but you can look up your friends by ID number or search by name. I didn’t really invite any people to play with, but I did accept some invitations from others.

As a hidden object game, Midnight Castle is very fun and immersive. With it’s free-to-play price, it’s a fantastic game for the money!

Disclosure: I was invited to download this game ahead of the release date by It is a free-to-play game, and I did not receive any compensation or perks for writing this review. My opinions are my own.

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  • Anne

    I like to use games to relax too, and free is always good!

  • strangedaze

    This looks fun. I definitely need games to relax in between the chaos sometimes. I have to admit I’m not great at hidden object games but I still enjoy them.

    • Joanna @way2gomom

      Oh man, they are really not my favorite favorite either… but my son loves them!

  • HilLesha O’Nan

    These are my favorite type of games!

    • Joanna @way2gomom

      That’s awesome! My oldest son has decided they are his favorite type too LOL