Where to Buy Organic Non-GMO Seeds for Your Garden

Note: None of the links in this post are sponsored or affiliate links. I just honestly love these companies and their products.

Update: A commenter requested clarification because GMO seeds are not available for gardeners to purchase. While it’s true that at the present moment the GMO seeds are not being sold to consumers, GMO producing companies (like Monsanto) own seed companies that sell to home gardeners and even the trademark for heirloom names. So when I’m referring to organic non-GMO seeds, I’m talking about seeds that are not owned by GMO producing companies because I do not want to support or fund them in any way.

Do not support Monsanto with your seed purchase

We’ve had yet another snow storm here in Indiana, and I’m starting to think that I may not even remember how my yard looks without snow on it. Winter this year has been a sparkly white one, that’s for sure. When the calendar changed this weekend, it reminded me how time is always marching on even when it seems like we’re stopped in a snow drift for an interminable amount of days. Eventually, this snow will melt and the sun will warm the soil, the ground will prepare for another fruitful season. And that can only mean one thing – it’s seed starting time!

As a gardener, the winter is never boring. Sure, you might think that there is less to do in the winter and while that does hold true for how much digging and sweating I’m doing in the garden, it doesn’t mean that we’ve left the garden alone completely. Sometime during the winter, the spark of the new year starts to come alive as the seed catalogs trickle in the mail box. We pore over different varieties, consider what might do well here in my area, talk to my mom to see what she’s tried before, oh the list goes on. We also enjoy comparing what companies we’ve found that have nonGMO seeds because we both agree that GMOs have no place in our food supply. If you ever wonder where my food convictions were first formed, the answer is in front of the AGA at my parents house during family discussions.

This year, I would like to share with you a list of companies that I’ve personally vetted – either by my own purchase or by my mother’s – that sell nonGMO seeds. Of course, I also recommend that you check out the list of companies that have taken the Safe Seed Pledge, but I’ve not purchased from all of those companies. The companies you will find on the list have declared that they do not knowingly buy, sell, or trade genetically modified seeds. I also recommend that you check out this post from The Healthy Home Economist as she discusses in-depth ways to make sure you keep Monsanto and GMOs out of your garden.

I assembled this Pinterest board with a list of companies that we like:

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My personal favorite is GrowOrganic.com – they have awesome prices and I love their selection of bare root trees, potatoes, and strawberries right now. Super love them! I also love them because they carry seeds from Horizon Herbs which is one of my very favorite of all time. In fact, I’ve been re-reading Cech’s book “The Medicinal Herb Grower” in preparation for the new season.

I am trying out SeedsNow.com this year – I love their seed banks and that they throw in the seed starter soil pellets. Very cool! Oh, and they have 99 cent sample packs of seeds.

Will you be growing a garden with organic seed this year? What are your favorite nonGMO seed companies?

Note: None of the links in this post were sponsored or affiliate links. I just honestly love these companies and their products.

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  • Randy Leifer

    Unfortunately, you neglected to mention a very important fact……
    No GMO seeds for the home garden are available anywhere.
    …..even if you purposefully tried to buy GMO (or (GM) seeds, you could not.
    This results in a myth…..that certain seed catalogs sell GMO seeds…..they don’t, because they can’t.
    I hope you can post a clarification.

    • http://www.justjoanna.com/ Joanna @way2gomom

      Thanks for your comment. When I discuss non-GMO seeds for the garden, I’m including not supporting companies that produce GMO seeds for farmers. See the thing is – I don’t want GMO’s in my food, in the land, or in the environment. So I will continue to discuss buying organic Non-GMO seeds because I do not want to support the GMO companies.

  • thequirkymomma

    Thank you for posting this. We are finally planning our garden for this year. I want to grow as much at home as possible. I have a strong desire to know exactly what is in the food I feed my babies.

  • Jennifer H

    This is a great, informative post. Thank you!

    • http://www.justjoanna.com/ Joanna @way2gomom

      Thanks, I hope it helps if you decide to plant some seeds!

  • http://thetravelingpraters.com/ Tonya @ The Traveling Praters

    This is great to know. I plan to have a garden this year and would love to use non-GMO plants and seeds.

    • http://www.justjoanna.com/ Joanna @way2gomom

      Great! I hope to read lots about your garden!

  • Lynda Self

    I will be growing non-GMO plants. I agree with you that there is no place for them in our food supply. I like Seeds of Change.

    • http://www.justjoanna.com/ Joanna @way2gomom

      Excellent! Seeds of Change is definitely awesome. I ordered from SeedsNow and GrowOrganic this year. I can’t wait for the weather to calm down enough to get planting done!