how to make a first birthday scrapbook
How to Make a First Birthday Scrapbook
December 31, 2014 crafts

Scrapbooking can be intimidating, especially if you’re a first timer. But, putting together a first-birthday scrapbook is a fun way to create an attractive keepsake with the hundreds of photos you took during their first year and at the birthday party. There are several ways to get organized before you start the scrapbook that will make the process much easier and faster. Here are a few things you should think about before you start cutting and pasting:

Digital or Physical:

first birthday photosThe first decision you have to make is whether you’d rather do a digital scrapbook or a physical scrapbook. There are benefits and drawbacks to both options. For example: a digital scrapbook can be much easier to put together, especially if you’re not particularly crafty. Many programs allow you to create pages quickly and easily, and you can simply drop in your photos. Additionally, digital scrapbooks don’t require all of the fancy tools, paper and scissors that you’ll likely end up purchasing if you go physical.

If you opt for a digital scrapbook, this website is a great, easy-to-use option. What I love is that it allows you to purchase digital kits to add to your collection. The kits typically include paper/backgrounds, cutouts, fonts, etc.

Conversely, if being able to cut and design, insert photos and actually hold the scrapbook in your hands is important, then opt for a physical scrapbook. Physical scrapbooks are a great option if you want to have full control over the layout of the photos. They also provide the ability to add dimension to your design by layering photos, adding textured or 3D objects, and experimenting with luster. Traditional scrapbooks aren’t going to be lost if your computer crashes either.

Whether you decide to go physical or digital you should also consider making use of favorite outfits, blankets and other items. As these things can be difficult to scrapbook, a good option is a time capsule. The first birthday time capsule found here can be personalized to include your little one’s name and birthday. It’s a cute way to store items that are a little too big or awkward for a traditional style scrapbook.

There are a lot of fun things you can do with both physical and digital scrapbooks; it really comes down to personal preference.


No matter what type of scrapbook you choose, you need to make a few choices about page sizes and such. The size and shape of the book you choose will determine how you can layout your pages. While narrower books (think something like a regular journal or 8×7) may be familiar to hold, they can be more difficult to design and work with. Consider larger, square books for more versatility.

scrapbooking can be fun Now the fun part: there are a million and one things you can do to each page. A fun idea to consider is to choose an overarching theme for the book. This will help narrow down your choices for paper styles, designs, fonts and colors. For example, you could choose a theme based on colors or events (the beach, the circus, etc.). Pinterest has a lot of pages with tips and steps to get the look you want.

Pro Tip: It’s often easier for people to break books up by year, so think about using other themes and colors for different years as well.


The most important part of your scrapbook is the photos and keepsakes. Before you start scrapbooking, sort through all of your photos and pick out your favorites. The number of photos you decide to incorporate will impact how large the book will be. However, don’t feel like you have to narrow your choices down to only a few, you can cut or add photos later on if you feel like it.

This may sound counterintuitive, but be prepared to cut your photos. As in chop them with scissors. There are a lot of fun designs you can incorporate which look better with round photos, diamond shaped photos etc.

Add words:

A fun detail you can add to pages is a journal entry, such as adding a journal type page to the beginning of your little one’s first year scrapbook. Tell the story of how you chose their name, or how much they weighed when they were born. You can either hand write it (with permanent marker or another ink that won’t fade) or print it out and paste it in. Printing can be fun as it lets you choose different fonts and font colors; however, handwritten notes certainly have a more personal feel to them.

Including notes is a great way to add extra personality to the book and can be used throughout the scrapbook for pictures that require a little more reference or photos that have a fun story behind them.

Scrapbooking can be a fun, relaxing way to preserve memories. Take your time, do a little planning and most of all, choose designs that fit your family.