How to Prevent or Avoid Morning Sickness
April 1, 2015 featured

One of my least favorite parts of pregnancy, and there are plenty, is morning sickness. I haven’t met anyone who was delighted to be nauseated, but hey – maybe they’re out there somewhere. For me, at least, it was a good indicator that I was still pregnant, so it was a relief in a way to feel terrible. But still, I would have enjoyed a break from the sick feeling.

With my first son, I lost about 35 pounds in the first trimester because hurling and I were good friends. It was awful. I felt terrible all day, every day. But right when I thought it would never end, it finally did ease up. I also had plenty to lose, so it wasn’t a big medical concern.

With my second son, I didn’t vomit. To me, it was worse though, because I was on the verge of nausea – where you’re not quite sure if you’re going to call some dinosaurs or not – all day, every day. For all three trimesters. It did come and go in waves toward the end of the pregnancy, but it was not my favorite. In fact, in the third trimester I ended up having gallbladder attacks on top of the nausea and it was like a trifecta of “please make it staaaaahhhhhp!”.

Between the two pregnancies, I did find several ways to help ease the morning sickness symptoms. But I recently discovered some products that I wish I had known about back then – the Morning Sickness Solutions from Pink Stork Solutions.

Some of my favorite bloggers have written posts about how to prevent or ease morning sickness without using medications, such as:




how to prevent or avoid morning sickness with pink stork solutions

There ARE ways for you to find relief from morning sickness, and home remedies that aren’t too wild to be practical for busy moms.

Pink Stork Solutions provided me products to review on morning sickness – now, I’m not currently pregnant, but I extremely dislike trying new products on my kids without trying them on myself first, so this was a great way for me to be able to test it out.

The products that I received were the Mild Morning Sickness package, which includes Cocolaurin – Ultra Purified Monolaurin from Coconut Oil, Pro – 4 Billion Potency 6 Probiotic Strands, and Mist – Highly Concentrated Topical Magnesium.

I already knew that the majority of people these days have a magnesium deficiency – I take magnesium daily, especially to help with sore muscles, avoiding menstrual cramps, and getting a solid night’s sleep. (If you follow me on social media, you know I don’t sleep much…), but this spray is an even more awesome way to increase my magnesium. I was not aware that topical magnesium can help with pregnancy nausea – boy, do I wish I had this during pregnancy number 2!

I also currently take probiotics, so I was excited to see a probiotic included in the package. I was also excited to see that it has no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, egg, shellfish, or preservatives – this is big for me! This is a product that anyone can take, even if you’re not pregnant and trying to battle morning sickness. But the benefit of taking it during pregnancy is that it can help support healthy intestines – and I haven’t met a single mother who didn’t understand the trials of constipation during pregnancy. Luckily, a probiotic such as this one can help with that particularly unpleasant part of pregnancy.

Finally we come to the Cocolaurin. This was a product that I wasn’t even aware could help with morning sickness at all – and that’s always surprising for me to find something completely new! It is distilled from coconut oil to produce Monolaurin beads, which are a form of lauric acid. The germ-killing properties of Monolaurin are what we’re looking for here – it helps to reduce pregnancy nausea from bacteria in the GI tract.

Based on my research into the quality of the ingredients and me using the samples provided myself (although I’m not pregnant), I do believe that these are an excellent product to use to ease or prevent morning sickness symptoms. Depending on the severity of your morning sickness, there are different packages that you can order, as well.

I also really like the folate that they carry – it’s a liquid, so easier to take than pills, and it’s also folate, not a lab-produced folic acid. They also have an awesome vinegar! The thought and care that has gone into the selection of the ingredients and their products is exquisite – and one that I feel comfortable recommending to women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant, that very crucial point in our lives.

Disclosure: I received products to facilitate this review, but did not guarantee a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Mild Morning Sickness Treatment

Mild Morning Sickness Treatment

Quality ingredients


    Known to ease morning sickness


      Easy to take/use



        • 30 day supply - average required for morning sickness
        • Free of additives
        • High quality ingredients
        • Well-selected treatments


        • 30-day supply - may not be long enough, may be longer than needed

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