11 Brands of Soy-Free Canned Tuna
June 7, 2015 cooking

Did you know? It’s a hidden little secret out there – well, hidden to me because I didn’t even know about it until recently – that your tuna might not be what you’re expecting… and just in case anyone else was susceptible to this little secret, I thought I might share it with you, dear readers.

There may be soy in your tuna.

While this might not be alarming to some people, I personally try to avoid the ever-present additive that has sneaked it’s way into so many of our food products these days. Why? Well, I once wrote a post all about why I avoid soy. I live in farming country, and I do appreciate that soy is a crop that many of our farmers grow, but I personally do not want to eat it. It’s not so bad when you KNOW you’re eating soy, but when an ingredient starts becoming a staple on every label I become concerned. There are alternate uses for soy that look very promising, such as a fuel alternative. I simply prefer to avoid it for myself.

Eating Healthier with Canned Tuna

When you’re trying to eat healthier, a common practice is to start eating more fish. By limiting your red meat and eating more fish and poultry, you’re able to consume more lean meats that are lower in saturated fats. This is great for changing your relationship with food! Here’s what the Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source has to say about fish (read the full article here):

Fish and other seafood are the major sources of healthful long-chain omega-3 fats and are also rich in other nutrients such as vitamin D and selenium, high in protein, and low in saturated fat.

So the first step is to avoid the tuna packed in oil – it often has soy in the oil and because oil attracts oil, you lose the omega-3 fats from the tuna when you drain tuna in oil.

The second step is to try a water packed tuna. They’re all over in the store, with tons of different options now, certainly more than when I was a kid! But wait – there can still be soy in these cans.

Rather than simply packing the tuna straight into the can, manufacturers add ingredients like water, vegetable broth (with soy), and “flavor enhancers” to the fish. It’s rather cost-effective for them, as they’re able to use less tuna per can, but it can be a bit troublesome for you if you’re trying to avoid soy for an allergy or other reason.

Does that mean you have to skip the canned tuna? Not at all!

Many of us who are interested in eating clean and healthy are also interested in not breaking the bank to do so – that means we have to be more selective of our foods and vigilant label watchers. For my reference, and yours if you need it, I’ve compiled this list of Soy-Free Canned Tuna Options. You’ll still want to check the label, just in case anything changes though.

You should be able to find several of these varieties in stores near you, and for your convenience, the images are linked to the products on Amazon (with my affiliate links). Many of them are part of the Amazon Prime Pantry or Add-on programs. Not a Prime member? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial – Free Shipping, Instant Video & Music

11 Soy-Free Canned Tuna Brands - Square

Soy-Free Canned Tuna

Wild Planet

Crown Prince Natural

Raincoast Trading

Natural Value

Ocean Naturals

MW Polar

Sustainable Seas

Henry & Lisa’s Natural Seafood

St. Jude Tuna

American Tuna

Island Trollers

Here’s a quick slideshow of the soy-free tuna options on Amazon:

Disclosure: I use Amazon Affiliate links in this post – if you purchase through my Amazon links, I receive a small commission.

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  • Mark Fraser

    Hardly a “hidden …. secret” when it’s right on the label.

  • Truthasaurus Rex

    Bumble Bee also has a soy free, they sell it at most Supermarkets…Silver label, cost about 2.20 a can…Fancy white Albacore. Also Trader Joes imported Italian tuna in oil or water…No soy…I hate that they do that too…Not allergic but it taste weird!