Moms & Games: A Love Story
June 9, 2015 featured

Mothers are busy individuals. From single child households to large families, the demands of parenting are often very time consuming. This is especially true for mothers, who are typically the parent in charge of tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, chauffeuring the children around, attending meetings at school, checking homework, and more. For working mothers, stay at home mothers, and work at home mothers, the list of things that need done can seem never ending. All of this can go for fathers too, of course, but my own personal experience is as a mother.

One of the hardest lessons to learn as a mother is to take time for yourself. When you take time out to take care of yourself, do stress-relieving activities, even pampering, it makes you have a better state of mind in which you’re better able to care for the needs of your family. This holds true especially when you have small children. But it can also be difficult for a mom to get out of the house or have alone time to take care of herself. For me, the solution was gaming.
Moms & Games a love story

I’ve always been fond of gaming, so it’s not a huge surprise that my choice of activity when I was overwhelmed from the demands of parenting was to play more games.

But there can also be other benefits that parents can achieve from playing games. For example, in this technical world, it is very important for parents to understand what children might encounter on the Internet. It’s a totally different world than when we were young, but by understanding more about it, we can help steer our children in a positive direction. Just knowing what games are out there can also help parents to connect more with their children by understanding their interests, perhaps even growing it to be a common interest.

Playing games can not only help mothers relieve stress and unwind, but can also help improve cognitive skills – there are even websites and apps devoted to help you learn as an adult by playing games.

Games are not only helpful for mom, but they can also be a great way to be able to connect with the whole family. While there are many activities that kids want to do, gaming is a great way to be able to involve everyone. If you find a game that you and the kids love, it can definitely help – especially on rainy summer days when you’re stuck in the house with kids who are beyond ready to run around and play! Rather than letting the children tear up the house, a great outlet for their energy is to play a game, and making it a learning game can double the bonuses!

At my house, we often play bingo – it’s a great activity to help kids learn numbers (or letters), fine motor skills, listening skills, and more. It can make learning fun, sometimes so much that the kids don’t even know that they’re learning. You can make your own bingo boards based on a variety of topics. We typically use beans to mark the boards, but we also have bingo dotters that are a great choice.

Of course, that is a very basic type of bingo game! There are many more available, and it still remains one of my favorite games to play. It’s also fun to find a bingo game online – it helps me to get ideas about boards that I can set up for my children to play on those rainy summer days when school is out and they’re ready to climb the walls, which makes me ready to tear out my hair!

When it’s all said and done, I will take a game of bingo over another day of feeling stressed out and frazzled any time. Not only do I feel like a better mother when I’m more relaxed, I also feel like I have more ways to connect with my kids, plan their days, and understand what they’re dealing with in this super connected world. That is why I love games!