gluten free purely inspired organic chocolate protein power pancakes
Purely Inspired Chocolate Protein Pancakes
January 15, 2016 cooking

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How do you keep full and focused when you’re trying to eat healthy and meet your clean eating goals? It can be such a challenge! Especially when you’re craving something amazingly delicious and/or chocolate.

You know what I’m talking about.

That day when you’re convinced a cupcake would be the most glorious and amazing food that had ever crossed your lips, but you know you’ll be regretting it when it doesn’t really taste as good as your imagination says it will and the sugar rush will totally interrupt the good habits you had created.

Luckily, you don’t have to give in to that sugar demon. There are options out there to help you – or even to help you make a super delicious treat that will actually be delicious and not be filled with nasty chemicals of yuckness! One of my current favorite options is Purely Inspired Organic Protein Powder that you can find at your local Walmart. If you’ve read my work or following along with me on my clean eating journey on social media, then you know I’m a stickler about ingredients.

I want clean food.

And I’m delighted to tell you that yes, it is possible to find good, clean, organic food – and even a protein powder – that still tastes delicious and can help curb that craving for foods that end up being more disappointment than joy. Honestly, if a cheat ever did match up to my expectations, then I would have a much different view of cheat foods or cheat days, but as it is – I’m much happier avoiding them.

But back to the topic on hand – protein powder and how I used it to make super delicious, gluten-free, chocolate protein pancakes!

I had the opportunity to try the Purely Inspired French Vanilla and Decadent Chocolate Organic Protein powders recently and let me tell you – they are super terrific. My very favorite way to use them was to add them to my coffee – it’s a super quick, easy, on the go way to have the protein I need to feel full and avoid the hangry happening during the morning, plus it was a special coffee treat and we all know I love my coffee, right? But my very favorite part of the protein powders was what they are not –

Organic Protein Powder

The protein powders are non-GMO and contain no gluten, dairy, soy, or cholesterol. One serving gives you 20 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, 2 grabs of sugar, 140 calories, all in a fruit and vegetable blend that has no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. Seriously! All of that awesome without nasty chemicals – and they taste amaaaaaaaazing. I’m excited to be able to pick these up at Walmart for $19.97 for the 1.5 pound containers.

There is so much that you can do with a protein powder, and I had the best time experimenting with recipes. I love to have extra food on hand that I’ve already prepped and packaged so that I am never so absolutely hungry that a bad snack happens. Having healthy food ready in advance is amazing to me.

It isn’t very often that I find packaged foods that meet my requirements for healthy and clean, and even less often that I find something healthy and clean that my  husband happily takes in to work with him at the steel mill for one of his snacks. But I did – I was also given a chance to try Mission1 bars.

Mission1 Bars

My  husband and I tried these organic, gluten-free bars available in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream flavors – and then the rest of them mysteriously disappeared because with 21 grams of protein in each bar, he decided they were perfect snacks for his busy work day! We love that they are free of mystery chemicals with no artificial ingredients. They’re organic, convenient, and you can pick them up at Walmart in a 4-pack for $6.94 or by the bar for $1.84.

Check out this amazing deliciousness –

Organic Protein Bar

This is the Cookies & Cream Mission1 Protein Bar – it was my favorite flavor!


Organic gluten free protein bar

This is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mission1 Protein Bar – it was my husband’s favorite!

We really enjoyed trying the protein bars and now we have a new food that we know about that is healthy, easy to grab, organic, and filling enough to help my husband make it through the work day  (he has long, busy days) that usually involve running up and down the stairs several times. He’s already planning to pick some up at Walmart for his next hunting trip, I think.

But – back to the original story!

I love experimenting with recipes, and I also love breakfast. I wanted to do something a little different from the normal shake or muffin or energy bite with the organic protein powder, so my first idea was chocolate crepes that had an avocado or sour cream filling.

I wanted to make crepes for you, but then after about the fifth batch that turned out more like pancakes than crepes, I remembered – I’m terrible at making crepes.

But I make some amazing pancakes, so let me share them with you!

gluten free purely inspired organic chocolate protein power pancakes

Purely Inspired Gluten Free Chocolate Protein Pancakes


  • 1 egg
  • 1 scoop Purely Inspired Decadent Chocolate
  • 1/4 c gluten free flour mix (I've made it with coconut flour before too!)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 TBSP flax or chia seed mixed with 1 TBSP water (or you could sub in 2 TBSP avocado)
  • 3/4 c water (or almond milk)


  1. Mix all of the ingredients - I put all mine in my Vitamix and then blend away! If you don't feel like getting out the blender though, you can mix in a bowl.
  2. Transfer mixture to bowl or measuring cup and place in freezer until ready to use.
  3. Preheat ceramic-lined pan by placing it on burner over medium heat (I use Green Pan so I don't have to use oil to cook!) or other skillet. If you're not using a ceramic-lined pan, you'll need to use an oil of some kind to make sure it doesn't stick.
  4. When the pan is warm, remove the mixture from the freezer and scoop onto pan. I use about 1/4 cup for each pancake.
  5. If you're using a griddle and have room for all your pancakes, woo hoo! If you're not, simply place the mixture back in the freezer until you're ready to use it.
  6. When the edges are more matte than glossy and there are bubbles in the pancake (not breaking, though), it's time to flip. Flip pancake!
  7. After a few minutes when the pancake is dark on the bottom, it's done. You'll want to make sure your pancake is cooked through. If it's not, put it back in the pan for another minute or two.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Acorn for the #ProteinAtWalmart campaign. All opinions are my own.

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  • Becca Wilson

    These look yummy! Chocolate and energy…sign me up!

  • I have only tried protein powders a couple of times and did not like the flavor. It’s good to know that some are tasty.

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    These look so delicious! I cannot believe they are clean eating approved! I have been looking for a good protein powder! I am buying the chocolate right now!

  • Joyce Brewer

    I try to cut back on carbs too, then miss out on my fav foods like pancakes.
    I’d definitely try these.

  • Veronica Solomon

    Looks great! I need to get back to being health conscious

  • Amanda O.

    What a great way to add some protein to your breakfast. I would be curious to try this powder that tastes good. I’ve only tried ones that tasted chalky.

  • What a great way to add some protein to your breakfast. I would be curious to try this powder that tastes good. I’ve only tried ones that tasted chalky.

  • Chrystal M.

    YUMMY! I have made some protein powder pancakes before. Some were horrible and some were quite yummy. Regular pancakes really hurt my tummy so its best for me to have options.

  • SwaRai

    I’m not that into chocolate but I know my boychild would love this. I’ll have to see how he likes it.

  • Crystal

    Those sound like the most fabulous way to get my chocolate fix & not regret it immediately after. Protein makes such a difference in keeping me full & in control. Got to grab some of that protein powder.

  • deb

    I just received some of this and am very excited to try it with my daughter. She is a vegetarian + lactose intolerant. We’ve been looking for a way to increase the amount of protein in her diet and we are hoping this will do the trick.

  • Theresa

    That’s great to know that there is a protein powder that won’t ruin your clean eating. The pancakes look super delicious!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    This is a great way to get protein into your diet. These pancakes look so delicious. I will have to get the ingredients so i cab make some on the weekend.

  • Toni Dash

    I think it’s great there is a protein powder that tastes good though. Most that I’ve tried do not taste good. Being gluten-free this would be a perfect fit for us.

    • Thanks Toni! I am really picky about protein powders because we’ve tried many – my husband is into weight lifting, so it’s something that we always have on hand.

  • I’m loving the pancake idea. I wouldn’t mind trying that out. The extra protein would be nice!

    • Thanks Liz, if you do try them out I hope you like them!

  • Obviously MARvelous

    We love our protein powder and often keep both chocolate and vanilla on hand for shakes and smoothies. I would love to incorporate them in more recipes and this one seems like a great place to start.

    • Thanks! We always have some on hand as well, and shakes or smoothies are such a great way to have protein. I really wanted to step outside the box with this, and I had a great time doing it!

  • I love the idea of using protein powder in recipes. We are always looking for ways to add protein to our meals!

  • traceynicole

    What a great idea! Protein pancakes are perfect for me to snack on when I’m on the go. Going to pin this recipe for later.

    • Thanks Tracey! They freeze really well too, so you can make a batch in advance and then flash freeze them flat on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. After they’re frozen, I just pop them in a bag or container and then we have them ready for the toaster whenever we want pancakes!

  • These look delicious! I’m making some delicious protein bars this week

  • Pam

    I bet my daughter would love those protein pancakes. She has to be gluten free.

    • Gluten free is not the easiest thing to do, but my body sure prefers it when I am!

  • Catherine Sargent

    The pancakes look so yummy. This is a great way to get some extra protein in my diet. I like that they are gluten free.

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Those look so good! Chocolate pancakes are delicious, and using protein powder to make them healthier is genius.

    • Thanks Stacie! Anything with chocolate wins in my book LOL