create a cleaning game for kids
Create a Cleaning Game for Kids
June 23, 2016 cleaning

If you are a parent, it is very likely that you know the struggle of keeping a house clean. Or if for some reason your child is not creating chaos and plays quietly while you clean, then you must be one in a million. Or maybe your child has just not gotten old enough yet. But it is very likely that you, too, will see and feel the struggles of cleaning with a toddler.

start a cleaning game for kids

Many people are struggling with this problem every day. And to them, and you, I say – make your children a part of the solution and not only the problem. That is, get your children to help you with the domestic chores. Some people think it is not okay to be making children do chores, but why is that?  They are the ones causing the mess most of the time, so why not involve them in the cleaning process as well?

Us, parents of older kids, know the struggle of making pre-teens and teens do chores. But even younger kids sometimes resist getting involved in the cleaning process. That is why it is very important to start including them in an as early age as possible. And how does that happen? You turn the cleaning and the chores into a game! Because let’s face it, there is no other way you can get a child to do something that is not fun for them.

It is very important for the kids to get involved in the household chores because it will make them feel like they are contributing to the family. As they get older, they will start also feeling gratification and accomplishment about finishing their chores. But most importantly your kids will learn responsibility and self-improvement.

get kids to put away toys with a cleaning game

So, to help your kids’ growth, try including them in helping with your chores as soon as possible. Sometimes toddlers themselves want to be involved and help mummy and daddy when they see them doing something. Take the chance and don’t let it get away. Give your child something easy to do. Like water the plants, feed the family pet, or tidy their room.

And once your child is involved, you need to bear in mind that children have a little attention span, and you will need to keep them entertained, if you want them to keep helping you. And here is where games come in.

There are multiple games you can think of in order to keep your kids entertained while they do chores. For the young ones you can play play-pretend while cleaning. Dress them appropriately for the game – aprons, gloves, etc. Even better if they have children toys that are designated for a game of cleaning.

create a cleaning game for kids

TenancyCleaners Hendon advises you to include music and dancing in the games. It is very important for you to be included in the games as well. Keep in mind that your children will be mimicking you as their role model. What is more, it is very helpful to use a game in your cleaning process, because it can also motivate them to do more chores, or do their best to finish a chore as good as you would do it. You can also include rewards, if your kids are doing a very good job. If you have more than one kid, you can do competitions – give each kid a chore to do and see who finishes it faster and better.

This way it will make them competitive, and the most important part of cleaning with kids and playing games while doing it, is that you not only have help for the chores you would normally do on your own, but your kids’ imagination will also be at its peak. You can even suggest that they make up a game to play while cleaning.