Mother’s Musings: What I Want for My Sons
June 14, 2016 featured

In the sweet still mornings of late spring, I don’t want to land the perfect client, build my lead list, make tens of thousands of dollars monthly (always promised with the lowest amount of effort and time imaginable), or any of the other offers and winning strategies I’ve seen on ads and articles.

My wants are more trivial by far.

I want to enjoy the hidden stillness before the busyness of motherhood crashes into the day. I want to think of ways to connect and share love with my boys. I want to hold my babies, love them fiercely, and teach them to love.

I want to raise fine men capable of defeating all odds while being gentle, curious, and creative. When they look at the world with all its faults and black days, the times I wish IĀ could shield them from all the wrongs humans do to one another, I want them to see the good that has happened. Though the good doesn’t wipe away the stain of darkness, I want them to understand that it will bring light into a dark time.

And, in their own way and their own time, I want them to be that goodness, that source of light. Whether it touches the lives of many or only a few, I want them to know that they are capable of being the goodness. More than that, I want them to want to be the goodness, to share their love, light, and laughter with those who truly need it.

I want them to know that on the darkest day, their goodness can save a life – be it that of a stranger, a loved one, or even their own. We don’t always see the colors of the lives of others, and I want them to know that people they meet may be in their darkest hour while the rest of us are seeing only light. I want them to know that even on that day, their goodness can be the light that turns that person’s darkest day brighter.

A humans we are capable of so many wondrous and wonderful acts. We can build skyscrapers and fly airplanes, paint masterpieces and scale mountains. But we are also capable of the most horrifying and outrageous acts. I want more people to share love and light and fewer people to engage in death and destruction.

It does not take long for a person to destroy another – destruction is not always visible and does not always end in death, purposefully be the good in the world takes longer. And yet it is what I want – more people devoted to bringing goodness to the lives of others, when a tragedy is in the headlines and when the news has been relatively quiet.

Above all, I want a world where my boys have the opportunity to grow into the men they will be – to grow up, grow old, grow families of their own, follow their own dreams, learn from their mistakes, enjoy their successes, and all without the mar of fear, death, and destruction.

It may be too much to ask, to wish for, to dream. Too many of us would have to make compromises and change our views – myself included. None of us are perfect or have all the right answers, and we are all to brittle to bend because we are infinitely sure that we are right, justified, and true. Of this I know I am guilty. And yet maybe a small sliver of this dream may be feasible? Do you think we could do it?

  • Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lydia R

    Oh my I hope we can do it. I’m right there with you. This is so beautiful. <3

    • Fiona Tate

      Lovely words of wisdom and hope