Top 10 Reasons to Blog

Joanna’s Top 10 Reasons to Blog

10. Because I like to think other people want to read what I write.

9. Because I have an awful memory, and if I didn’t blog, I wouldn’t remember what happened from one year (ok, week) to the next.

8. Because interacting with other bloggers, PR reps and brands is totally neat and makes me feel super special.

7. Because I have a lot to say – but not always other adults to say it to…

6. Because I’m online anyway, might as well do something with it!

5. Because I have illustrious dreams of making money by writing.

4. Because I’m pretending that blogging is practice for writing novels, which I still swear I will do… some day.

3. Because I think I’m funny… and no one else does 🙂

2. Because I can type faster than I can talk

1. Because the Internet is a captive audience! When I talk to people in person, they can always walk away, but on the Internet….. BWAHAHAH. Oh wait, you mean people can still click away on the Internet? Dang, I thought I fixed that glitch!

And that’s why I blog. But maybe now you want to know who the heck I am?

I am…

– A wife

– A mother

– A dog owner

– A crocheter

– A gardener

– An at-home baker

– A home cook

– A reader

– A wannabe writer

– A birth nerd

– A nerd in general