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Family is the most important to me

Do you need some answers or some down time? JustJoanna celebrates parents, simplifies every day life, and encourages positive relationships. Parenting is both the hardest and most rewarding job that I’ve ever done, and I truly believe that it does take a village to raise child – together we can learn from one another to find helpful ideas and answers when we’re suffering from the parenting dilemmas that every parent will face at least once! Every day living for me includes cooking, cleaning, and organizing. If you’ve ever needed a recipe, ingredient substitution, product review, cleaning recipe, cleaning tips, or organization hints, I’m here to provide for you! Because these are what I’m working on, struggling with, and perfecting in my life, I’m very passionate about writing them! Live vicariously through my struggles, and you may even find some answers of your own! I think that we all have something that we can learn or teach one another about relationships – whether it’s a marriage, a friendship, or a family relationship, there’s always room for improvement and more than one way to view a situation. That’s what JustJoanna is all about – me helping you, you helping me, us helping one another.

Your new bestie is a mother, wife, and sassy cookie.

Joanna Liberty is a mother of two boys who is happily married to her sweetheart. She is a social creature, although rife with social awkwardness, and loves to share her trials, struggles, failures, and successes with the masses in the hopes that it will entertain, inform, and inspire. She enjoys taking ordinary problems, turning them from mole hills to mountains, and conquering them one step at a time. A little wacky, a lot sarcastic, and easily entertained by shiny objects, she is a faithful, sincere, and loyal friend who is a times a little too enthusiastic.

The family resides in a small town in northeastern Indiana with one German Shepherd/Black Labrador. One day, the family is hoping to live on a small parcel of land in the country and thoroughly explore their interests in self-sufficiency. For now, a small town rural life does well for Joanna and her family.

To connect with Joanna, email her ator catch her on Twitter as @way2gomom.

Why I’m Awesome

Here are some neat things that I’ve done with my life:

– I attended a residential public high school (Indiana Academy)

– I apprenticed with a Forensic Pathologist in high school, which included observing in the morgue for a semester.

– I applied and was accepted to NEOUCOM – a 6-year combined college and medical school program (which I later dropped out of, but that’s not cool)

– I worked in a morgue, like for real pay

– I’ve made friends who are all over the United States and the world. I think this is neat.

– I met and married a super cool dude

– I gave birth to my son 5 years ago. Natural childbirth is neat.

– I gave birth to another son 3 years ago. Natural childbirth is still neat.

What else do you need to know about me? I’m really dorky, socially awkward in public and that’s kinda why the Internet is the way for me LOL! I like meeting new people, but I sometimes struggle with it because in my head I think I’m really dorky and socially awkward in public, which makes me even more dorky and socially awkward… isn’t it a fun ride? I’m really interested in nutrition and wellness, which is cool. I’m self-employed as a blogger and consultant and I’ve been foraying into the world of data science.

I love writing and reading, and someday I want to write a book of my own. I’m not sure that anyone will read it, but I keep “studying” by reading every book I can get my hands on. Well, not every book because some I do pass up, but pretty much every book. Politics are kinda not my thing, so I don’t read those books often.

My husband and I moved our plans for a hobby farm back a ways, but we still plan do it. I nursed my boys until they were a little over 2 and we also used cloth diapers. We had our house built in 2013 and it’s totally awesome. We plan to add a wood burner, solar panels, a generator and rain barrels. Later on, we might move to Louisiana or at least somewhere warmer where the growing cycle is longer. My husband wants to have a bunker √† la the Cold War-era. I really like canning and otherwise preserving food. Knowing what goes into our food is an interest and my passion.