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The Lady Risks All by Stephanie Laurens

Since she is one of my all-time favorite authors, I knew that I would love the new book by Stephanie Laurens. But I didn’t know that the story would be so absorbing! I was barely able to put the book down, and finished it the day after it arrived on my doorstep – that’s pretty fast for a mom at home with 2 kids all day! Completely living up to my high expectations of her work, Stephanie Laurens blew me away with The Lady Risks All with her detailed characters, intricate storyweaving, and entertaining mystery. The Lady Risks All tells […] Click to read more

Complete Cake Mix Magic Cookbook Review

Complete Cake Mix Magic cookbook

When it comes to cake, my husband and I are in two different camps. He prefers to buy cakes premade at the grocery story, frosted, decorated and ready for him to cut and eat. I, however, am used to my family’s idea of cake – which is to make a unique cake for each individual family member’s birthday, the holiday we’re celebrating, or whatever occasion calls for cake. And we make them from scratch. Unfortunately, I don’t always have ingredients on hand or it takes too long to make certain cakes, I take on bigger projects than I can actually […] Click to read more

The Gateway Chronicles: The Six by K.B. Hoyle

Gift Pick 2012

Have you ever been on a family vacation that you didn’t particularly want to be attending, especially as a teenager? If so, then you’ll know exactly where Darcy Pennington is coming from as you read the first book in The Gateway Chronicles called The Six by K.B. Hoyle. It’s a fun book where a teenager and her friends (or those kids she hangs out with who seem to want to be her friends, but she can’t get beyond her own weirdness to really let them in) travel through a magical portal to the land of Alitheia where they find out […] Click to read more

Pills Are Not for Preschoolers by Marilyn Wedge

Pills Are Not For Preschoolers Cover

Did you take prescription medication as a child? Did you have any classmates who did? When I was young, I don’t really remember anyone my age taking medications. Of course, they may have at home, but I don’t remember any medications being passed out at school. In fact, it was unusual in high school when a diabetic classmate had to take insulin. These days, though, our children are facing a much different school day – one in which the school nurse is a medication dispensary. The epidemic of children on prescription medication scares me, but the number of psychiatric diagnoses […] Click to read more

The Perfect Care Package for Your New College Student

Say This, NOT That to Your Professor

My kids are on the young side, and I like to think that I am too, so it may be wishful thinking, but I think that I’m more closely able to relate to the college student still instead of the parent of the college student. And it is on that reason that I like to base the subject of this post, because I think that I can offer some recommendations on the perfect care package that you can send to your new college student this year. In my experience, the first few months of college are the hardest. The support […] Click to read more

The Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruis Zafon

The Prisoner of Heaven

One of the jobs to which I’ve never considered myself a worthy applicant is that of a book shop owner. Or even working in a book shop. You see, I don’t think I’d actually put in all that much quality working time, and I know that I would spend my entire paycheck on new books. But it is very interesting to read how the son of a book shop owner turned into an investigator to help his friend. The Prisoner of Heaven is a tale of a man concerned with his marriage, his job, and his best friend. But more […] Click to read more

Giving Up the Ghost by Eric Nuzum

Coverof Giving Up the Ghost

My favorite class in high school, taught by my favorite teacher, was all about writing memoirs. We learned the art of the memoir – making a story that is all about you relevant to someone else – and we were challenged to use what we learned to write. Although I’m not sure I ever really accomplished the task clearly, I did learn enough to know when someone else has done the job well, and I know that Eric Nuzum is one of those authors. Giving Up the Ghost by Eric Nuzum is a brutally honest tale of self-discovery, friendship, and […] Click to read more

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