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Thank you for your interest in JustJoanna and appearing on the site! Just Joanna celebrates parents, simplifies every day living, and encourages positive relationships. I love showcasing authors, brands, products, mother’s helpers, giveaways and inspiring stories that will engage and appeal to my readers. Since I am a mother with two wild children, I’m not able to accept every product or pitch, but I do review them carefully to find good matches.

Joanna’s Quick Stats:

  • 2 children, both boys: 4 years and 7 years
  • lives in Auburn, IN
  • 31 years old, married’s Quick Stats (updated January 6, 2016):

  • 5800+ unique viewers per month (from Google Analytics)
  • 6800+ page views per month (from Google Analytics)
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  • 62 – Klout
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I love working with brands that align with my values! I am currently offering ambassador packages that include the following services each month for the duration of the sponsorship:

  • Sidebar ad for the duration of the partnership
  • In-depth post highlighting sponsor (not review)
  • Social media promotion of the in-depth post
  • Weekly social media mentions of sponsor for the duration of the partnership
  • Giveaway of sponsor’s product (optional) once monthly

The fee for this sponsorship package is $100/month. Discounts are available for longer terms: $500 for 6 months and $1000 for a year. Custom packages are also available.

Please email me at or fill out the contact form below to arrange for a sponsorship program.

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