I like this list of recipes as much for the cleaning tips as for the recipes. She even reminds me to clean some things I tend to forget…

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This is a great link list that includes cleaners for every area of the house. Whatever you need to clean, you’ll probably find a great recipe for it here!

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I love the name of this blog, the fact that it’s written by a guy, and the cleaner recipes that he posted. I also love the labels on the spray bottles that he used – it’s so important to label homemade cleaners and this reminds me I need to include ingredients as well as the name! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up a bottle with just the name and wondered what I put it in it. My memory is just not what it should be!

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So those are my favorite cleaning recipes that I’ve found on Pinterest! I’d love to see yours too! Link me to your Pinterest cleaning boards so I can follow?