I like this list of recipes as much for the cleaning tips as for the recipes. She even reminds me to clean some things I tend to forget…

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This is a great link list that includes cleaners for every area of the house. Whatever you need to clean, you’ll probably find a great recipe for it here!

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I love the name of this blog, the fact that it’s written by a guy, and the cleaner recipes that he posted. I also love the labels on the spray bottles that he used – it’s so important to label homemade cleaners and this reminds me I need to include ingredients as well as the name! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up a bottle with just the name and wondered what I put it in it. My memory is just not what it should be!

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So those are my favorite cleaning recipes that I’ve found on Pinterest! I’d love to see yours too! Link me to your Pinterest cleaning boards so I can follow?

Meal Planning – A (Half) Week of Menus

My husband works Monday through Wednesday this week, so we really only have a half week of “normal” meals and then, of course, Thanksgiving. For our family Thanksgiving on Thursday we’re taking a Seven Layer Salad (click for the recipe). On Saturday after Thanksgiving we have some friends and family over and I still haven’t finished the menu, but it’s probably just the standards.




Those are my meals for the week, and some of the recipes will be coming along shortly. My favorite cookbook this week is the Gooseberry Patch Church Suppers book. A good hunk of these recipes came from or were inspired from recipes in that book. I also played with some of the artisan bread in five minutes a day recipes, but I’m not entirely satisfied with the output yet. This week I’ll be excited to make Parker House rolls for Thanksgiving at our house!

Meals in Lean Times – Pork Roast Plus Ham and Bean Soup

Now that I am a stay at home mom, we’re officially down to one income. To be honest, we didn’t really get that much income from my job after the expenses of daycare and gas, so I would’ve almost been paying for the privilege of working if I were to send two kids to daycare. But, I digress.

One of the beneficial things that we learned during the lean times – when I was laid off and the husband’s hours had been cut with the economic downturn – was how to really make meals last. I have always struggled with leftovers. I love to make huge meals, but I don’t always know what to do with the leftovers, so planning that in advance really helps me. I recently read a book called Miserly Moms (pick it up if you see it, it’s great!) and she talked about how their family had instituted a soup and bread night, which is something I decided we could adopt.

So tonight we had pork roast from some pork butt shoulder roasts that I picked up super cheap at the butcher and the recipe from the Pioneer Woman‘s first TV show. It’s super neat to see someone whose blog I followed on TV! I think my husband actually left drool spots on the sofa when he was watching the episode with this recipe! We also had mashed potatoes and corn bread (I cheated and used Jiffy boxes!)

Then, after the dishes were done (ok, after I was done doing dishes and while the husband picked up my slack!), I cleaned some Great Northern beans and set them out to soak. Tomorrow we’ll be having ham and beans and I’ll probably have to make more cornbread since I love the stuff.

I don’t think I really have a recipe for the ham and beans – brown sugar, ham, beans and onion is about what I use. I didn’t catch a picture of dinner tonight, and I might not tomorrow either since I “borrowed” the batteries from the camera for the Wii remote and then forgot to get more batteries when we were at the store…

So anyway, I kinda lost my spark for blogging. I’m behind on reviews and giveaways and I’m still trying to juggle house cleaning, discipline for a three year old, relaxing, studying and everything else. The last two weeks life just kinda blew up in my face you know? But I have high hopes for the rest of this week and next month and the month after that. Ad nauseum.