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John Cena is My Personal Coach for the Next 10 Weeks

John Cena from his 10 Weeks BodyChange program

I am VERY excited to make this announcement – so excited, in fact, that I’m being called out by my friends for a vaguebook update that I did while I was prepping for this post: Post by Joanna Liberty. Here’s my super exciting news… John Cena is going to be my personal coach for the next 10 weeks! You know by now that my family loves wrestling, right? While I’m not always able to watch it live, we do record WWE shows and even attend live shows when they’re in our area. One of my very favorite wrestlers is John […] Click to read more

Pull-Ups Big Kid App Review and Celebration Kit Giveaway

Big Kid App Review and Giveaway

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pull Ups.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.   It wasn’t all that long ago that I posted about the Top 5 Tips from Potty Training Experts from the Pull-Ups webinar that I attended, and before that I told you about the Pull-Ups Madrinas del Baño campaign of which I am a member. Today I’m both happy and a little sentimental about posting my last Pull-Ups post for the campaign. We’ve had a great time with the Pull-Ups products, and it was very timely for us as […] Click to read more

Disney on Ice in #FortWayneRockinEverAfter

Review of Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy

Last week we had the pleasure of heading down to Fort Wayne to catch the Disney on Ice show “Worlds of Fantasy” with our boys and my sister-in-law. You may recall me talking about coupon codes and even a ticket giveaway that I ran last month for the same show. We had talked about it so much that it was really exciting to finally see it! So here’s what we thought about the show… The show opened with the Mickey Mouse gang on skates, which was very exciting for our oldest who is nearly 5 and loves Mickey Mouse. They […] Click to read more

Stretch Island Fruit Strips: Non-GMO Pre-Workout Snack (and Valentine!)

We recently discovered that my oldest son has another food issue – this time with Red 40. While it’s a dye that is pretty common in candies and processed foods, it took us a while to find out about it because he just doesn’t have those foods very often. In fact, it was a combination of the dye in a bubble bath AND in juice that brought the issue to light for us. Ever since, I have been very careful when responding to inquiries about reviewing food products. Not only do I have to check and make sure that they […] Click to read more

The Lost Art of Mixing by Erica Bauermeister


To guarantee that I will be interested in a book, one does not usually have to give too many details. But if you tell me that it’s a novel about cooking, there’s no question – I’ll be hooked. What really makes my day though, is when one of those books goes beyond merely entertaining and enters the region of a “book I can’t put down” or “book I will find a permanent home for on my bookshelf” – those books are much fewer and farther between. With her elegant prose, well-rounded characters and fascinating imagery, Erica Bauermeister makes literary magic […] Click to read more

The Lady Risks All by Stephanie Laurens

Since she is one of my all-time favorite authors, I knew that I would love the new book by Stephanie Laurens. But I didn’t know that the story would be so absorbing! I was barely able to put the book down, and finished it the day after it arrived on my doorstep – that’s pretty fast for a mom at home with 2 kids all day! Completely living up to my high expectations of her work, Stephanie Laurens blew me away with The Lady Risks All with her detailed characters, intricate storyweaving, and entertaining mystery. The Lady Risks All tells […] Click to read more

Complete Cake Mix Magic Cookbook Review

Complete Cake Mix Magic cookbook

When it comes to cake, my husband and I are in two different camps. He prefers to buy cakes premade at the grocery story, frosted, decorated and ready for him to cut and eat. I, however, am used to my family’s idea of cake – which is to make a unique cake for each individual family member’s birthday, the holiday we’re celebrating, or whatever occasion calls for cake. And we make them from scratch. Unfortunately, I don’t always have ingredients on hand or it takes too long to make certain cakes, I take on bigger projects than I can actually […] Click to read more

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